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xterm-headless is a headless terminal that can be run in node.js. This is useful in combination with the frontend xterm for example to keep track of a terminal's state on a remote server where the process is hosted.

Getting Started

First, you need to install the module, we ship exclusively through npm, so you need that installed and then add xterm.js as a dependency by running:

npm install xterm-headless

Then import as you would a regular node package. The recommended way to load xterm-headless is with TypeScript and the ES6 module syntax:

import { Terminal } from '@xterm/headless';


The full API for xterm-headless is contained within the TypeScript declaration file, use the branch/tag picker in GitHub (w) to navigate to the correct version of the API.

Note that some APIs are marked experimental, these are added to enable experimentation with new ideas without committing to support it like a normal semver API. Note that these APIs can change radically between versions, so be sure to read release notes if you plan on using experimental APIs.


Addons in xterm-headless work the same as in xterm with the one caveat being that the addon needs to be packaged for node.js and not use any DOM APIs.

Currently no official addons are packaged on npm.

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