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    This is the authoritative source of information about the XTMP protocol itself. It contains

    • an overview of the protocol
    • the protobuf definitions of all the elements of the protocol /proto
    • code generated from the protobuf definitions go/

    Note that the generated typescript code is not committed here, instead it is generated dynamically when publishing the proto package to npm

    The overview and the protobuf files together form the definition of the protocol. The overview leans heavily on the protobuf files and also serves as a guide for finding the relevant details in them.

    Working on this repo

    Before committing any changes to this repo, you will want to run npm i at least once. This will install the Husky precommit hooks to your machine.

    Go code will be regenerated based on the .proto files on each commit and does not need to be done manually.

    Commit messages must be in the Angular Commit Message Convention


    npm i @xmtp/proto

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