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    This is an adapter for running the XML conformance suite published by the W3C as part of a Mocha test suite.

    Using the Adapter

    There are two broad options:

    1. Execute a runner from under runners. This is generally appropriate when you want to just run XML tests in isolation from other kinds of test, and may be helpful when you are setting up or testing your XML test suite configuration. The runner will load the driver you specify and use the selection of tests you specify and will just run these tests.

    2. Build a series of tests by using a builder under builders. The builders export a build function which allows you to incorporate the conformance tests as part of larger suite.

    In all cases you must specify:

    1. How to run the code under test and determine whether the test was successful or not. You do this by specifying a "driver".

    2. How to dertermine which test to run and which to skip. You do this by specifying a "selection".

    Using A Runner

    You need to disclose the runner to the test framework it is made for and specify the driver and selection on the command line. By convention the driver is specified using the argument --xml-driver and the selection using the argument --xml-selection.

    For instance, if you want to use the Mocha runner with the xmllint driver and the xmllint selection:

    $ mocha --delay [path to this package]/runners/basic.js \
      --xml-driver=@xml-conformance-suite/js/drivers/xmllint \

    The path to the runner needs to be appropriate to how you invoke your test framework. If you run mocha you must give it the path where it can find the runner in the same way you would if you asked it to run any other test file.


    npm i @xml-conformance-suite/mocha

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