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🚀 astro-modal

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HELLO there 👋

Pure HTML and CSS simple modal for astro. Uses API from browsers. Compatible with web/mobile, responsive, HTML5 semantic, SEO friendly. Lighthouse score 100%. No-Javascript.

Forking and giving a star will contribute to my motivation in making components for astro (react, react-native, etc...) that are purely HTML, CSS, SEO friendly and responsive :) (almost all components :P).

DEMO: Astro Modal This product is actively mantained. Any PR, issues or whatever concern, please visit the Github repository https://github.com/xexiu/astro-components.

Tutorials Roadmap

  • Web2: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Python (MLL, AI), React, NextJS React Native and more.
  • Web3: Blockchain, WEB3, dApps, smart contracts and more.

📦 Installation

  • Using bun:
bun i @xexiu/astro-modal
  • Using npm:
npm i @xexiu/astro-modal


export interface Props {
    id: string; // Required string
    ariaLabel: string; // Required string for good practices Lighthouse
    btnCloseAriaLabel: string; // Required string for good practices Lighthouse
    classes?: string; // Optional
    modalBtnClass?: string; // Optional
    headerClass?: string; // Optional
    sectionClass?: string; // Optional
    footerClass?: string; // Optional
    closeBtnClass?: string; // Optional
    btnText?: string; // Optional (if NOT Provided a close mark (X) will show on pop-up modal)

🛠 Usage in astro

// more personal/code imports
import Modal from '@xexiu/astro-modal';

<div>Whatever text/html</div>

<Modal id="myAwsomeModal" ariaLabel="Share on social" btnCloseAriaLabel="Close Modal">
    <div slot="open-modal-button">Open Modal</div>

    <h2 slot="modal-title">Modal Title</h2>

    <div slot="modal-main">
        <h4>Modal Main</h4>
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Tenetur nesciunt
    placeat officia, aliquid enim corrupti error repellat iusto corporis
    commodi ad natus ratione aut iure nisi deserunt soluta quam iste!

    <div slot="modal-footer">Modal Footer</div>

If classes are NOT specified, the modal has default styles.

 ¡Chao pescao! 👋 🐠

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