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Generate random names for all kinds of things


import alienNames from '@xaroth8088/random-names/fantasy/aliens.mjs';

const aRandomName = alienNames().trim();    // The .trim() is temporary until I finish output cleanup efforts

Full List

  • Armour: Belts, Boots, Chests, Cloaks, Gauntlets, Helmets, Legs, Pauldrons, Shields, Vambraces.
  • Descriptions: Aliens, Animals, Armys, Backstorys, Battlefields, Bows, Castles, Characters, Citys, Coat Of Arms, Constellations, Countrys, Diseases, Dragons, Dungeons, Dyings, Fancy Clothings, Flags, Gems, Ghost Towns, Gods, Hand Gestures, Holidays, Houses, Humanoids, Laws, Leather Armors, Martial Arts, Medieval Clothings, Monuments, Pains, Personalitys, Pistols, Planets, Plants, Plate Armors, Plots, Pokemons, Potions, Prophecys, Quests, Rag Clothings, Rifles, School Uniforms, Shields, Shotguns, Societys, Spells, Staffs, Taverns, Towns, Traditions, Wands, Weapons.
  • Destiny: Awokens, Cabals, Exos, Fallens, Hives, Humans, Vexs.
  • Diablo: Angels, Demons, Khazras, Nephalems.
  • Doctor Who: Daleks, Gallifreyans, Ice Warriors, Raxacoricofallapatorians, Silurians, Sontarans, Zygons.
  • Dragon Age: Dwarfs, Elfs, Humans, Qunaris.
  • Dragon Ball: Frieza Clans, Hakaishins, Humans, Others, Saiyans, Skians, Tuffles.
  • Dungeon And Dragons: Devas, Dragonborns, Drows, Dwarfs, Eladrins, Elfs, Githzerais, Gnomes, Goliaths, Half Elfs, Half Orcs, Halflings, Humans, Minotaurs, Shardminds, Shifters, Tieflings, Wildens.
  • Elder Scrolls: Altmers, Argonians, Bosmers, Bretons, Daedrics, Dragons, Dunmers, Dwemers, Falmers, Forsworns, Imperials, Khajiits, Nords, Orc, Redguards, Spriggans.
  • Eve Online: Amarrs, Caldaris, Gallentes, Minmatars.
  • Fantasy: Aliens, Amazons, Angels, Animal Species, Animatronics, Apocalypse Mutants, Bandits, Barbarians, Bounty Hunters, Cat People Nekojins, Cavemens, Centaurs, Christmas Elfs, Codes, Cowboys, Creatures, Deaths, Demons, Detectives, Dragons, Dryads, Dwarfs, Elementals, Elfs, Ents, Evils, Fairys, Fantasy Animals, Fantasy Races, Fantasy Surnames, Fursonas, Futuristics, Ghost Classifications, Ghosts, Giants, Gnolls, Gnomes, Goblins, Gods, Gorgons, Griffins, Half Elfs, Harpys, Heros, Hobbits, Horses, Imps, Kaijus, Killers, Knights, Kobolds, Lamias, Lichs, Mechas, Medievals, Mermaids, Minotaurs, Mobsters, Monsters, Mutant Species, Nagas, Necromancers, Nephilims, Ninjas, Nymphs, Ogres, Orcs, Pegasus, Phoenixs, Pirates, Robots, Satyr Fauns, Sea Creatures, Servants, Shapeshifters, Sirens, Slaves, Species, Steampunks, Succubus, Superhero Teams, Sylphs, Taurens, Trolls, Twins, Unicorns, Valkyries, Vampire Clans, Vampires, Villains, Warrior Nicknames, Werewolf Packs, Werewolfs, Witchs, Wizards, Zombie Types.
  • Final Fantasy: Au Ras, Elezens, Hyurs, Lalafells, Miqotes, Roegadyns.
  • Game Of Thrones: Dothrakis, Free Citys, Free Folks, Ghiscaris, Mountain Clans, Nicknames, Summer Islanders, Unsullieds, Valyrians, Westeros.
  • Guild Wars: Asuras, Charrs, Human, Norns, Sylvaris.
  • Halo: Forerunners, Huragoks, Jiralhanaes, Kig Yars, Mgalekgolos, San Shyuums, Sangheilis, Unggoys.
  • Harry Potter: Dragon Species, Goblins, Hippogriffs, House Elfs, Winged Horses.
  • Inheritance Cycle: Dragons, Dwarfs, Elfs, Humans, Urgals.
  • Legend Of Zelda: Anoukis, Deitys, Dekus, Fairys, Gerudos, Gorons, Humans, Korok Kokiris, Minishs, Zoras.
  • Lord Of The Rings: Dwarfs, Elfs, Hobbits, Humans, Maiars, Orcs.
  • Lord Of The Rings Online: Beorning, Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Human.
  • Mass Effect: Asaris, Batarians, Drells, Geths, Humans, Krogans, Quarians, Salarians, Turians.
  • Military: Itu, Nato, Numeric, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Signalese, Telegram, United States.
  • Miscellaneous: Afterlifes, Airplanes, Airships, Alliances, Animal Groups, Anime Attacks, Apocalypses, Armys, Artifacts, Attack Moves, Awards, Bands, Battles, Birds, Board Games, Book Titles, Bouquets, Brands, Candys, Cars, Chivalric Orders, Class, Clothing Brands, Colors, Constellations, Creepypastas, Crops, Currencys, Dances, Dates, Dinosaurs, Diseases, Drinks, Drugs, Enchantments, Energy Types, Epithets, Evil Groups, Foods, Fruit Vegetables, Fungis, Galaxys, Game Engines, Game Soundtracks, Gangs, Gear Enchantments, Gem Minerals, Graffiti Tags, Guilds, Hackers, Heists, Helicopters, Herbs, Holidays, Holy Books, Human Species, Instruments, Inventions, Jewelrys, Languages, Love Nicknames, Magazines, Magic Types, Magical Diseases, Magical Plants, Magical Trees, Martial Arts, Mascots, Medicines, Metals, Military Divisions, Military Operations, Military Ranks, Military Vehicles, Molecules, Motorcycle Clubs, Mutant Plants, Natural Disasters, Newspapers, Nicknames, Noble Houses, Pirate Crews, Pirate Ships, Plagues, Plants, Poisons, Political Partys, Post Apocalyptic Societys, Potions, Professions, Racers, Railways, Ranks, Religions, Scientific Creatures, Ships, Siege Engines, Softwares, Song Titles, Space Fleets, Spaceships, Spells, Sports Teams, Sports, Squads, Superpowers, Teleportations, Thrones, Time Periods, Titles, Tool Nicknames, Treatys, Trees, Tribals, Tribes, Usernames, Vehicles, Video Games, Vocal Groups, Weapon Abilities, Web Series, Wines, Wrestlers, Wrestling Moves.
  • Pathfinder: Aasimars, Catfolks, Drows, Dwarfs, Elfs, Fetchlings, Gnomes, Goblins, Half Elfs, Half Orcs, Halflings, Hobgoblins, Humans, Ifrits, Kobolds, Orcs, Oreads, Ratfolks, Sylphs, Tengus, Tians, Tieflings, Undines.
  • Pets: Aliens, Amphibians, Bats, Bears, Bird Of Preys, Birds, Cats, Cows, Crabs, Deers, Dogs, Elephants, Fishs, Horses, Insects, Lions, Marine Mammals, Monkeys, Mouses, Owls, Parrots, Pigs, Rabbits, Reptiles, Rodents, Sheeps, Turtles, Wolfs.
  • Places: Amusement Parks, Antique Stores, Asylums, Bakerys, Banks, Battle Arenas, Beachs, Blacksmiths, Brewerys, Bridges, Business, Cafes, Camps, Casinos, Castles, Caves, Circus, City Districts, Civilizations, Cliffs, Companys, Continents, Countrys, Day Cares, Dimensions, Dungeons, Farms, Film Studios, Fire Lands, Forests, Game Studios, Grasslands, Graveyards, Harbors, Headquarters, Hospitals, Hotels, Inns, Islands, Jungles, Kingdoms, Laboratorys, Lakes, Lands, Librarys, Magic Schools, Magic Shops, Mansions, Mining Companys, Mountains, Museums, Nightclubs, Oasis, Orphanages, Outposts, Parks, Pirate Coves, Planets, Plantations, Plazas, Prisons, Realms, Restaurants, Rivers, Roads, Ruins, Schools, Shops, Sky Islands, Snowlands, Space Colonys, Stadiums, Stars, Streets, Swamps, Temples, Theaters, Towers, Volcanos, Waterfalls, Waters.
  • Pop Culture: Arthurians, Avatar Last Airbenders, Digimons, Dragonriders Of Perns, Homestucks, How To Train Your Dragons, Hunger Games, Hyborians, Lovecraftians, Maze Runners, Mortal Kombats, My Little Ponys, One Piece Devil Fruits, Pacific Rims, Pokemons, Rwbys, Shadowhunter Chronicles, Skulduggery Pleasants, Starcrafts, Stormlight Archives, Transformers, Warrior Cats, Wheel Of Times, Wings Of Fires, X Mens.
  • Real: 20Th Century Englishs, Aboriginals, African Americans, Akans, Albanians, Algerians, Amazighs, Ancient Greeks, Anglo Saxons, Argentinians, Armenians, Assyrians, Azerbaijanis, Aztecs, Babylonians, Basothos, Basques, Belgians, Bengalis, Biblicals, Bosnians, Brazilians, Bulgarians, Burmese Myanmars, Cajuns, Catalans, Celtic Bretons, Celtic Welshs, Celtics, Chineses, Circassians, Colonial Americans, Croatians, Czechs, Danishs, Dutchs, Edo Japaneses, Edwardians, Egyptians, Englishs, Enochians, Estonians, Ethiopians, Faroeses, Filipinos, Finnishs, Frankishs, Frenchs, Frisians, Georgians, Germans, Gothics, Greeks, Hausas, Hawaiians, Hebrews, Hillbillys, Hindus, Hippies, Hispanics, Hungarians, Icelandics, Indonesians, Inuits, Irishs, Italians, Jamaicans, Japaneses, Jewishs, Kazakhs, Khmers, Koreans, Kurdishs, Laotians, Latins, Latvians, Lithuanians, Malaysians, Malteses, Maoris, Mayans, Modern Egyptians, Mongolians, Moroccans, Muslims, Native Americans, Natures, Nepaleses, Normans, Norwegians, Old High Germans, Pashtuns, Persians, Polishs, Portugueses, Poshs, Punjabis, Puritans, Quebecois, Roma Gypsys, Romanians, Romans, Russians, Serbians, Shakespeareans, Shonas, Sikhs, Sinhaleses, Slavics, Slovenians, Somalis, Stages, Suebis, Sumerians, Swahilis, Swedishs, Swiss, Tajiks, Tamils, Telugus, Thais, Tibetans, Turkishs, Twins, Ukrainians, Victorians, Vietnameses, Vikings, Yorubas, Zulus.
  • Rift: Bahmis, Dwarfs, Eths, High Elfs, Kelaris, Mathosians.
  • Star Trek: Andorians, Bajorans, Benzites, Betazoids, Bolians, Caitians, Ferengis, Gorns, Jemhadars, Klingons, Letheans, Nausicaans, Orions, Pakleds, Remans, Rigelians, Romulans, Saurians, Tellarites, Trills, Vulcans.
  • Star Wars: Anzatis, Biths, Bothans, Darths, Devaronians, Dugs, Duross, Ewoks, Falleens, Gamorreans, Gands, Gotals, Grans, Gungans, Hutts, Iktotchis, Ishi Tibs, Ithorians, Jawas, Kel Dors, Korunnais, Mandalorians, Mon Calamaris, Nautolans, Neimoidians, Niktos, Ortolans, Quarrens, Rodians, Shistavanens, Sullustans, Swiss, Toydarians, Trandoshans, Tusken Raiders, Weequays, Wookiees.
  • Star Wars The Old Republic: Cathars, Chiss, Cyborgs, Human Sws, Miralukas, Mirialans, Rattatakis, Siths, Togrutas, Twileks, Zabraks.
  • The Witcher: Dwarfs, Elfs, Halflings, Humans.
  • Towns And Cities: Ancient Greek Towns, Apocalypse Towns, Central African Towns, Central American Towns, Central East African Towns, City Nicknames, Citys, Dwarven Citys, East Asian Towns, East European Towns, Egyptian Towns, Elven Citys, Fantasy Towns, Middle Eastern Towns, North African Towns, North American Towns, North European Towns, Northern South American Towns, Oceania Towns, Orcish Citys, Roman Towns, Russian Towns, South African Towns, South American Towns, South Asian Towns, South European Towns, Southeast African Towns, Southeast Asian Towns, Southeast European, Steampunk Citys, Towns, Underwater Citys, Viking Towns, West African Towns, West European Towns, Wild West Towns.
  • Warhammer: Beastmens, Bretonnias, Daemons Of Chaos, Dark Elfs, Dwarfs, Empires, Goblins, High Elfs, Lizardmens, Ogres, Orcs, Skavens, Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, Warriors Of Chaos, Wood Elfs.
  • Warhammer 40K: Chaos, Dark Eldars, Eldars, Necrons, Orks, Sisters Of Battles, Space Marines, Taus.
  • Weapons: Battle Axes, Bomb Missiles, Bows, Claw Weapons, Daggers, Dual Wields, Fist Weapons, Flails, Magic Books, Magic Weapons, Pistols, Rifles, Sci Fi Guns, Scythes, Shotguns, Spears, Staffs, Swords, Throwing Weapons, War Hammers, Whips.
  • Wildstar: Wildstar Aurins, Wildstar Cassians, Wildstar Chuas, Wildstar Drakens, Wildstar Granoks, Wildstar Humans, Wildstar Mecharis, Wildstar Mordeshs.
  • World Of Warcraft: Blood Elf, Draenei, Dwarf, Forsaken, Gnome, Goblin, Human, Night Elf, Orc, Pandaren, Tauren, Troll, Worgen.
  • World Of Warcraft Pets: Bat Dragonhawks, Birds, Boars Bears, Cats, Crabs, Dino Rhinos, Dog Wolfs, Goat Porcupines, Gorilla Monkeys, Insects, Reptiles, Wow Pets.


Based largely on the now-defunct fantasy-names package, originally by Matthew Consterdine.

This would not have been possible without fantasynamegenerators.com.

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