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    Xar Network Chain JavaScript SDK

    The Xar Network Chain JavaScript SDK allows browsers and node.js clients to interact with Xar Network Chain. It includes the following core components:

    • crypto - core cryptographic functions.
    • amino - amino (protobuf-like) encoding and decoding of transactions.
    • client - implementations of Xar Network Chain transaction types, such as for transfers and trading.
    • accounts - management of "accounts" and wallets, including seed and encrypted mnemonic generation.
    • ledger - Ledger Nano S/X support via HID, U2F and Web BLE (Bluetooth).
    • rpc - Node RPC client.
    • authority - implementations of authority transaction types to add oracles, markets, and issuers.
    • issue - implementations of issue transaction types to issue erc20 compatible assets on-chain.
    • issuer - implementations of issuer transaction types to manage native system assets as well as create liquidity providers for credit based assets.
    • liquidityprovider - implementations of liquidity provider transaction types to manage credit based assets.
    • record - implementations of record transaction types to capture immutable proofs on-chain.
    • csdt - implementations of csdt transaction types manage collateral stable debt tokens.


    Important, please follow the instructions for your OS below:

    Windows users: Please install windows-build-tools first.

    Mac users: Make sure XCode Command Line Tools are installed: xcode-select --install.

    Linux users: Note that Ubuntu Xenial and newer distributions are recommended, especially when using Travis or other CI systems. You may need some dev packages to be installed on your system for USB support. On Debian-based distributions (like Ubuntu) you should install them with this command:

    $ sudo apt-get install libudev-dev libusb-dev usbutils

    Install the NPM package

    If you do not need Ledger support with node.js:

    $ npm i @xar-network/javascript-sdk --no-optional

    If you need Ledger support with node.js:

    $ npm i @xar-network/javascript-sdk

    Use with Webpack

    We often see Webpack builds failing with the SDK due to the usb dependency, but adding this to your Webpack config should fix that:

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [new webpack.IgnorePlugin(/^usb$/)]


    config.plugins.push(new webpack.IgnorePlugin(/^usb$/))


    For up-to-date API documentation, please check the wiki.


    All new code changes should be covered with unit tests. You can run the tests with the following command:

    $ npm run test

    Tests for the Ledger hardware wallet integration have their own suite that runs in both node and in the browser:

    $ npm run test:ledger
    $ npm run test:ledger:browser


    Contributions to the Xar Network Chain JavaScript SDK are welcome. Please ensure that you have tested the changes with a local client and have added unit test coverage for your code.




    npm i @xar-network/javascript-sdk

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