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Printer of Errors of Glup Plugins [PROJECT DEPRECATED]

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This package has been deprecated. The reason is simply I renamed this project, as the old name "javascript-gulp-plugin-error-printer" is not so good. It should not contains the word "javascript".

The renamed(new) package is @wulechuan/printer-for-errors-of-gulp-plugins. At beginning it's alomst identical to this old one. But it will get supported longer, and will hopefully be very different from this one in the future.


This is a message logging plugin for gulp. It parses gulp's PluginError instance, and is expected to print a more beautiful log for the error instance, as long as a parser is provided for that specific type of PluginError.

Almost all colors in the logs are configurable.

Supported Plugins So Far

Even for those errors that are not supported, a beautified property list is logged.


An Example

See the examples/gulpfile.js included by this repository as an example.

Below are the key snippet from the said gulpfile.js.

const printGulpPluginErrorBeautifully = require('..');

const exampleSourceFileBasePath = '.';

const errorOfGlupPluginsPrintingConfigurations = {

    // This simply helps the logger print shorter paths
    // so that file paths looks better in narrow console windows.
    basePathToShortenPrintedFilePaths: exampleSourceFileBasePath,

    colorTheme: {
        heading: {
            lineColor: 'magenta',

function buildCSSStylus (cb) {
    return gulpRead(sourceGlobsOfCSSStylus)
        .on('error', theError => {
            printGulpPluginErrorBeautifully(theError, errorOfGlupPluginsPrintingConfigurations);

Try It out, See It in Action

There is a dummy project included within this repository, so that people can try this logger without difficulty.

The said dummy project locates here:

<this repository root folder>/examples

Before You Try

Before you can start trying, you first need to install all dependencies for this npm project.

This is a one time action, you don't need to do it every time before you run the tryout script.

Open a console/terminal and run:

npm install

or even simpler:

npm i

Run the Tryout Script

Open a console/terminal and run:

npm start

or even simpler:


That's it.

Some Snapshots of Mine

Below are some snapshots of my console, hosted within Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

By the way, the used color theme of my Visual Studio Code, shown in the illustrates below, is the "Panda Theme".

A Stylus compilation error. A Stylus compilation error

A LESSCSS compilation error. A LESSCSS compilation error

A Sass compilation error. A Sass compilation error

An UglifyJS parsing error. An UglifyJS parsing error


Currently only colors are configurable. So you may call if "color theme configurations" if you prefer.

See configurations.md.

Known Issues

When utilizing the on('error') method of a gulp's pipeline, the error will propagate outside the event handler, and will finally get printed the traditional way. Since this logger also prints the error, the error is printed twice.

I'll learn how to swallow the error inside this logger in the future.


Sorry. I don't have too much spare time at present. I have my boy to take care of.

Consult my ugly source codes if you'd like to. :p

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