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    A WranggleRpc transport for Electron apps, sending and receiving messages over messaging over its ipc system.


    If you are using the full @wranggle/rpc package, the ElectronTransport is already bundled within. You can import/require it with:

    import { WranggleRpc, ElectronTransport } from '@wranggle/rpc';
    // or
    const { WranggleRpc, ElectronTransport } = require('@wranggle/rpc');

    Unbundled Alternative

    If you prefer using just the packages you need, the unbundled es6 is also available on NPM:

    yarn add @wranggle/rpc-core @wranggle/rpc-electron-transport
    # or
    npm install @wranggle/rpc-core @wranggle/rpc-electron-transport 

    Unbundled import:

    import WranggleRpc from '@wranggle/rpc-core';
    import ElectronTransport from '@wranggle/rpc-electron-transport';


    When creating your WranggleRpc endpoint, you can use the electron shortcut to also construct this transport. Eg:

    const rpc = new WranggleRpc({
      electron: opts,
      channel: 'some-channel'

    Or create a new instance yourself:

    const rpc = new WranggleRpc({
      transport: new ElectronTransport(opts),
      channel: 'some-channel'


    This transport has two required options: ipcSender and ipcReceiver.

    Endpoint in the Main process

    • ipcReceiver Set it to ipcMain, from the import: const { ipcMain } = require('electron')

    • ipcSender If communicating with a browser window / renderer process, use the webContents reference after creating the new BrowserWindow().


    const { WranggleRpc } = require('@wranggle/core');
    const { ElectronTransport } = require('@wranggle/rpc-electron-transport');
    const { ipcMain } = require('electron')
    const rpc = new WranggleRpc({
      electron: {
        ipcReceiver: ipcMain,
        ipcSender: uiRenderer.webContents
    uiRenderer.webContents.on('did-finish-load', startUsingIt(rpc));

    Endpoint in a renderer/browser process

    Set both ipcReceiver and ipcSender to Electron's ipcRenderer.

    import WranggleRpc = from '@wranggle/core';
    import ElectronTransport from '@wranggle/rpc-electron-transport';
    const { ipcRenderer } = require('electron')
    const rpc = new WranggleRpc({
      electron: {
        ipcReceiver: ipcRenderer,
        ipcSender: ipcRenderer,

    Additional options

    You can optionally set ipcChannel on the transport, used when sending and listening for ipc messages. It has nothing to do with the WranggleRpc channel option--take care to avoid confusing the two with each other.


    npm i @wranggle/rpc-electron-transport

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