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    Example app with styled-components

    This example features how you use a different styling solution than styled-jsx that also supports universal styles. That means we can serve the required styles for the first render within the HTML and then load the rest in the client. In this case we are using styled-components.

    For this purpose we are extending the <Document /> and injecting the server side rendered styles into the <head>, and also adding the babel-plugin-styled-components (which is required for server side rendering). Additionally we set up a global theme for styled-components using NextJS custom <App> component.


    Preview the example live on StackBlitz:

    Open in StackBlitz

    Deploy your own

    Deploy the example using Vercel:

    Deploy with Vercel

    How to use

    Execute create-next-app with npm or Yarn to bootstrap the example:

    npx create-next-app --example with-styled-components with-styled-components-app
    # or
    yarn create next-app --example with-styled-components with-styled-components-app

    Deploy it to the cloud with Vercel (Documentation).

    Try it on CodeSandbox

    Open this example on CodeSandbox


    When wrapping a Link from next/link within a styled-component, the as prop provided by styled will collide with the Link's as prop and cause styled-components to throw an Invalid tag error. To avoid this, you can either use the recommended forwardedAs prop from styled-components or use a different named prop to pass to a styled Link.

    Click to expand workaround example


    import Link from 'next/link'
    import styled from 'styled-components'
    const StyledLink = ({ as, children, className, href }) => (
      <Link href={href} as={as} passHref>
        <a className={className}>{children}</a>
    export default styled(StyledLink)`
      color: #0075e0;
      text-decoration: none;
      transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out;
      &:hover {
        color: #40a9ff;
      &:focus {
        color: #40a9ff;
        outline: none;
        border: 0;


    import StyledLink from '../components/StyledLink'
    export default () => (
      <StyledLink href="/post/[pid]" forwardedAs="/post/abc">
        First post




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