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Make Pot

make-pot is a Node.js module designed to generate the .pot file for your WordPress plugin or theme. This file serves as the basis for internationalization, allowing translators to localize your plugin or theme into different languages.

Extract strings from your WordPress plugin or theme and generate a .pot file. Works with js, jx, ts, tsx, cjs, mjs, php, blade, txt, json with a custom schema for theme and block.json files.


You can install make-pot globally via npm:

npm install -g @wp-blocks/make-pot


npx @wp-blocks/make-pot [sourceDirectory] [destination] [options]

Positional Arguments:

  • sourceDirectory (optional): Specifies the source directory of your plugin or theme. If not provided, the .pot file root will be the source directory.
  • destination (optional): Specifies the destination directory where the .pot file will be generated. If not provided, the .pot file will be created in the source directory.


  • --version: Displays the version number of make-pot.
  • -h, --help: Displays help information.
  • --slug <slug>: Specifies the plugin or theme slug.
  • --domain <domain>: Specifies the text domain to look for in the source code.
  • --skip-js: Skips JavaScript files during processing.
  • --skip-php: Skips PHP files during processing.
  • --skip-blade: Skips Blade files during processing.
  • --skip-block-json: Skips block.json files during processing.
  • --skip-theme-json: Skips theme.json files during processing.
  • --skip-audit: Skips auditing of strings.
  • --headers <headers>: Specifies additional headers for the .pot file.
  • --file-comment <comment>: Specifies the file comment for the .pot file.
  • --package-name <name>: Specifies the package name.
  • --location: Includes location information in the .pot file.
  • --ignore-domain: Ignores text domain in the processing.
  • --mergePaths <paths>: Merges with existing POT file(s).
  • --subtractPaths <paths>: Subtracts strings from existing POT file(s).
  • --subtractAndMerge: Subtracts and merges strings from existing POT file(s).
  • --include <files>: Includes specific files for processing.
  • --exclude <files>: Excludes specific files from processing.
  • --silent: Suppresses output to stdout.
  • --json: Outputs the JSON gettext data.
  • --output: Outputs the gettext data.

As a build chain step

The make-pot module can be used as a build step in your build chain. To do so, create a build:makepot action in your package.json with the following content (refer to the options for more information):

	"build:makepot": "npx @wp-blocks/make-pot [sourceDirectory] [destination] [options]"


This module is heavily inspired by the original makepot command from WP-CLI. Special thanks to the maintainers in particular Swissspidy which has been very helpful with suggestions and tips on how to rebuild make-pot.

Feel free to contribute or report issues on GitHub.

This tool is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

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