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Convector Tool Chaincode Manager

This module contains the chaincode manager with tools to install and run chaincodes in a blockchain. This creates a binary called chaincode-manager in the node_modules/.bin folder.

Manager Config

The command relies on a configuration file provided at invocation. The file structure is detailed next:

  • worldsibuNpmToken - the npm worldsibu token, if you don't have this, means you don't have permission to run our framework and it will fail to install
  • channel - the channel where the chaincode is gonna be installed
  • peers - a list of peers information, containing the url and a reachable msp path
  • orderer - the orderer information, containing the url and a reachable msp path
  • admin - the user with admin privileges information, containing the user name, mspName, and msp path
  • controllers - a list of controllers to bound together in the chaincode, containing the npm package name, npm package version and the controller class name found in the package
  • policy - a policy object, check the fabric sdk documentation for the endorsement-policy field for mor information

All paths are resolved relative to the config file.

Here's an example on how the file looks

Manager Commands

  • chaincode-manager install <name> <version> - install a new for the first time, this can be only executed the first time this chaincode is going to be install using this name
  • chaincode-manager upgrade <name> <version> - upgrade an existing chaincode
  • chaincode-manager invoke <name> <controller> <function> [args...] - invoke a function under a controller in a previously installed chaincode
  • All the commands demand a -c ./chaincode.config.json flag


npm i @worldsibu/convector-tool-chaincode-manager

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