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    Component Reference

    This package includes a library of generic WordPress components to be used for creating common UI elements shared between screens and features of the WordPress dashboard.


    Install the module

    npm install @wordpress/components --save

    This package assumes that your code will run in an ES2015+ environment. If you're using an environment that has limited or no support for such language features and APIs, you should include the polyfill shipped in @wordpress/babel-preset-default in your code.


    Within Gutenberg, these components can be accessed by importing from the components root directory:

     * WordPress dependencies
    import { Button } from '@wordpress/components';
    export default function MyButton() {
    	return <Button>Click Me!</Button>;

    Many components include CSS to add style, you will need to add in order to appear correctly. Within WordPress, add the wp-components stylesheet as a dependency of your plugin's stylesheet. See wp_enqueue_style documentation for how to specify dependencies.

    In non-WordPress projects, link to the build-style/style.css file directly, it is located at node_modules/@wordpress/components/build-style/style.css.

    Code is Poetry.

    Docs & examples

    You can browse the components docs and examples at


    See for the contributing guidelines for the @wordpress/components package.


    npm i @wordpress/components

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