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    Validation module for Content Station Digital Editor component sets.


    The module provides two public api methods for validating a component set.


    Validates a component set given an input folder.

    import { validateFolder } from './lib/index';
    const validationResult: boolean = await validateFolder('path/to/component-set');

    The validation result is returned as a boolean value and any error is logged to the console.


    Lower level method that validates the component set given a set of paths, a function to get the file content given the path and a function that logs errors. This api is useful when the component set is validated in memory.

    import { validate } from './lib/index';
    const filePaths = new Set(['path1', 'path2']);
    const getFileContent = async (filePath: string) => 'fileContent';
    const errorReporter = (errorMessage: string) => console.error(errorMessage);
    const validationResult: boolean = await validate(filePaths, getFileContent, errorReporter);


    Specific validation of the total maximum size of the component set (in bytes). This method can optionally be used as a quick fail-fast validation before running validate or validateFolder, which both run a full validation on the component set.

    import { validatePackageSize } from './lib/index';
    const packageSize = (await fs.promises.stat('path/to/')).size;
    const errorReporter = (errorMessage: string) => console.error(errorMessage);
    const validationResult: boolean = await validatePackageSize(packageSize, errorReporter);


    If published version (from "dist" folder) of the package is used then:

    • if parser is going to be used in the browser remember that package's target is ES6 which may be unsupported or partly supported by the browsers
    • also polyfills may be needed for IE browsers

    An example of possible usage:

    import { parseDefinition } from '@woodwing/csde-components-validator/dist/parser';
    const componentsDefinition = getComponentsDefinitionJson();
    parseDefinition(componentsDefinition).then((componentSet) => {
        // componentSet is a parsed definition



    Formats all code according to Prettier configuration. Linting checks whether all code has been prettified. Formatting can also be applied automatically your favorite IDE or pre-commit hook. Check out the Prettier website for instructions.

    npm run format:write

    Lint & test

    Runs TSLint and afterwards all unit tests.

    npm run test


    In case you have never published a npm module before, make sure to read the official npm documentation about publishing npm packages.

    Before publishing update the version number of this package. For example, to increase the patch version:

    npm version patch -m "Bump validator version to %s"

    Next verify you are logged in as a user with access to the Woodwing organization:

    npm whoami

    Finally publish the scoped package by running:

    npm publish --access public




    npm i @woodwing/csde-components-validator

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