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    A collection of navigation-related functions for handling query parameter objects, serializing query parameters, updating query parameters, and triggering path changes.


    Install the module

    pnpm install @woocommerce/navigation --save



    A single history object used to perform path changes. This needs to be passed into ReactRouter to use the other path functions from this library.

    import { getHistory } from '@woocommerce/navigation';
    render() {
    	return (
    		<Router history={ getHistory() }></Router>

    getPath() ⇒ String

    Get the current path from history.

    Returns: String - Current path.

    getTimeRelatedQuery(query) ⇒ Object

    Gets time related parameters from a query.

    Returns: Object - Object containing the time related queries.

    Param Type Description
    query Object Query containing the parameters.

    getIdsFromQuery(queryString) ⇒ Array

    Get an array of IDs from a comma-separated query parameter.

    Returns: Array - List of IDs converted to an array of unique integers.

    Param Type Description
    queryString string string value extracted from URL.

    getNewPath(query, path, currentQuery) ⇒ String

    Return a URL with set query parameters.

    Returns: String - Updated URL merging query params into existing params.

    Param Type Description
    query Object object of params to be updated.
    path String Relative path (defaults to current path).
    currentQuery Object object of current query params (defaults to current querystring).

    getQuery() ⇒ Object

    Get the current query string, parsed into an object, from history.

    Returns: Object - Current query object, defaults to empty object.

    onQueryChange(param, path, query) ⇒ function

    This function returns an event handler for the given param

    Returns: function - A callback which will update param to the passed value when called.

    Param Type Description
    param string The parameter in the querystring which should be updated (ex page, per_page)
    path string Relative path (defaults to current path).
    query string object of current query params (defaults to current querystring).

    updateQueryString(query, path, currentQuery)

    Updates the query parameters of the current page.

    Param Type Description
    query Object object of params to be updated.
    path String Relative path (defaults to current path).
    currentQuery Object object of current query params (defaults to current querystring).

    flattenFilters(filters) ⇒ Array

    Collapse an array of filter values with subFilters into a 1-dimensional array.

    Returns: Array - Flattened array of all filters.

    Param Type Description
    filters Array Set of filters with possible subfilters.

    getActiveFiltersFromQuery(query, config) ⇒ Array.<activeFilters>

    Given a query object, return an array of activeFilters, if any.

    Returns: Array.<activeFilters> - - array of activeFilters

    Param Type Description
    query object query oject
    config object config object

    getDefaultOptionValue(config, options) ⇒ string | undefined

    Get the default option's value from the configuration object for a given filter. The first option is used as default if no defaultOption is provided.

    Returns: string | undefined - - the value of the default option.

    Param Type Description
    config object a filter config object.
    options array select options.

    getQueryFromActiveFilters(activeFilters, query, config) ⇒ object

    Given activeFilters, create a new query object to update the url. Use previousFilters to Remove unused params.

    Returns: object - - query object representing the new parameters

    Param Type Description
    activeFilters Array.<activeFilters> activeFilters shown in the UI
    query object the current url query object
    config object config object

    getUrlKey(key, rule) ⇒ string

    Get the url query key from the filter key and rule.

    Returns: string - - url query key.

    Param Type Description
    key string filter key.
    rule string filter rule.

    activeFilter : Object

    Describe activeFilter object.


    Name Type Description
    key string filter key.
    [rule] string a modifying rule for a filter, eg 'includes' or 'is_not'.
    value string filter value(s).


    npm i @woocommerce/navigation

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