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    CLI tool to launch Tymly State Machines over REST


    $ npm install tymly-cli --save


    $ npm run cli --command configKey


    Key of the configuration you want to run, it must match with a config command. e.g. search, refreshRanking

    Each config will have it's own set of input values and must be added as extra flags. For example, if you wish to launch the search state machine you can pass in a query, a limit and an offset so the command will look like the following:

    $ npm run cli --command=search --query=kebab --limit=12 --offset=0

    To find the input flags, you can look in the run-configurations directory and find the state machine you wish to run.

    quiet | q

    Including 'quiet' in the command will make it run in 'quiet mode' and does not put anything onto the console

    $ npm run cli quiet --command=incidentsInProgress
    $ npm run cli q --command=incidentsInProgress

    Run Configurations

    1. Incidents In Progress
    2. Search
    3. Refresh Ranking
    4. Refresh All

    Incidents In Progress

    $ npm run cli --command=incidentsInProgress



    • query (required)
    • limit (required)
    • offset (required)
    • domain
    • orderBy
    • showActiveEventsOnly
    • lat
    • long
    • categoryRestriction
    $ npm run cli --command=search --query=kebabs --limit=10 --offset=0 

    When a value to any of the inputs contains multiple words then separate them with underscores. See query:

    $ npm run cli --command=search --query=99_vauxhall_road --limit=10 --offset=0 

    When a value to any of the inputs is an array then separate them with commas. See categoryRestriction:

    $ npm run cli --command=search --query=kebabs --limit=10 --offset=0 --categoryRestriction=gazetteer,fireSafety

    Refresh Ranking


    • schema (required)
    • category (required)
    $ npm run cli --command=refreshRanking --schema=wmfs --category=factory 

    Refresh All

    $ npm run cli --command=refreshAll

    Build environment variables

    Environment Variable Notes Example
    TYMLY_API_URL The base URL of Tymly (Required) http://localhost:3210
    TYMLY_NIC_AUTH0_CLIENT_ID The client ID (as supplied by Auth0) (Required) abc...
    TYMLY_NIC_AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET The client secret (as supplied by Auth0) (Required) abc...
    TYMLY_NIC_AUTH0_DOMAIN The client domain (as supplied by Auth0) (Required) abc.de.auth0.com
    TYMLY_AUTH_AUDIENCE The Tymly audience (Required) abc...
    DEBUG To enable debug statements (Optional) tymly-cli
    WEB_API_TIMEOUT_IN_MS Specify a timeout. Default to 3000. (Optional) 5000

    Once the environment variables have been set, you can run the tests like this:

    $ npm test



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