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    Module for returning Big Five Johnson 120 IPIP-NEO-PI-R items


    $ npm i @alheimsins/b5-johnson-120-ipip-neo-pi-r


    const { getItems, getInfo } = require('@alheimsins/b5-johnson-120-ipip-neo-pi-r')
    console.log(getItems()) // returns English
    console.log(getItems('no')) // returns Norwegian
    console.log(getItems('en', true)) // returns English shuffeled
    console.log(getInfo()) // returns test info

    returns an array with questions and choices

           "id": "43c98ce8-a07a-4dc2-80f6-c1b2a2485f06",
           "text": "Worry about things",
           "keyed": "plus",
           "domain": "N",
           "facet": 1,
           "num": 1,
           "choices": [
               "text": "Very Inaccurate",
               "score": 1,
               "color": 1
               "text": "Moderately Inaccurate",
               "score": 2,
               "color": 2
               "text": "Neither Accurate Nor Inaccurate",
               "score": 3,
               "color": 3
               "text": "Moderately Accurate",
               "score": 4,
               "color": 4
               "text": "Very Accurate",
               "score": 5,
               "color": 5

    Supported languages

    Code Name Translator
    en English
    no Norwegian Eli Huseby
    es Spanish Eduardo Calle
    is Icelandic Franz Jónas Arnar Arnarson and Sigurður Kári Árnason
    it Italian Lorenzo Carducci
    nl Dutch Eus van Somerenk, Kim Dekker and Tessa Blanken
    se Swedish Martin Bäckström
    hr Croatian Željko Jerneić
    fr French Mathew Gravel
    et Estonian René Mõttus, Helle Pullmann, Jüri Allik, Liina Haring, Kenn Konstabel, and Anu Realo
    de German Heinz Streib and Manuela Wiedmaier
    jp Japanese Omar Karlin
    ur Urdru Engr. Ahmad Khan
    pt-br Portuguese (brazil) Marcelo Rigon
    ru Russian Javid Askerov, Olga V
    zh-cn Simplified Chinese Roy Jia
    th Thai Maneepailin Sriuthenchai
    fi Finnish Anastasia Tapper
    id Indonesian David Adi Nugroho
    hi Hindi Punit Singh
    uk Ukrainian Elena Kunina

    Help wanted

    If you want to help by translating the items to other languages this is how you do it.

    • clone the repo
    • find a language you know in data
    • duplicate the folder and rename it to the language you will translate
    • use ISO 639-1 language code as folder name.
    • translate the "text"-property for choices.js and questions.json
    • don't change filenames, ids or any other properties
    • add your language code to the data/languages.json file
    • submit pull request
    • happiness :-)





    Created with <3 by Alheimsins

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