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Node module for Electron apps that sets the default handler for a given protocol (deep links) in both development and production environments.

This module was inspired due to the lack of protocol support when running non packaged apps on macOS (see app.setAsDefaultProtocolClient for explanation). This module provides full support for running and testing the given protocol in the development environment. It also provides the same protocol support for the production envronment. In other words, protocol management is completly controlled with this module.

Please Note

  • For Production: While electron-deeplink handles setting app.setAsDefaultProtocolClient, you still need to make sure setup the mac bundleId correctly for electron-builder or electron-forge.

Example App

A full working example can be found here


# If you use npm:
npm install electron-deeplink

# If you use yarn:
$ yarn add electron-deeplink


In main.js, include the electron-deeplink module and instantiate the Deeplink class towards to begining of main.js.

// main.js
const { app, BrowserWindow } = require('electron');
const { Deeplink } = require('electron-deeplink');
const isDev = require('electron-is-dev');

let mainWindow;
const protocol = isDev ? 'dev-app' : 'prod-app';
const deeplink = new Deeplink({ app, mainWindow, protocol, isDev });

Setup a watch on the deeplink 'received' event

// main.js
deeplink.on('received', (link) => {
    // do stuff here


creating an instance

const deeplink = new Deeplink([config]);


    // required
    // type: electron app
    app: [electron.app]

    // required
    // type: app.BrowserWindow
    // Reference to the apps main window
    mainWindow: [main window reference]

    // required
    // type: string
    // String representing the protocol to use. For production, this should be the same as the bundleId set in the build config.
    protocol: [protocol string]

    // optional, default: false
    // type: boolean
    // Represents the app environment
    isDev: boolean

    // optional, default: false
    // type: boolean
    // If true, outputs logging.  Uses electron-log, so files are appened/created for prod.
    debugLogging: boolean


// 'recieved'
// When a "deeplink" is recieved by the module, this event is emitted.

deeplink.on('received', (link) => {
    // do something here


This repo uses semantic-release for versioning, which uses Angular Commit Message Conventions.

semantic-release is hooked up to CircleCI

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