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    MathType Web Integration JavaScript SDK

    Install instructions

    Install dependencies:

    $ npm install

    Compile using npm packages:

    $ npm run build

    Compile using local packages using 'lerna':

    $ npm run build-dev


    $ npm run lint


    $ npm run test


    The following packages are dependencies of the project:

    • uuid

      In order to conform to RFC specifications when generating UUIDs, we leverage this package instead of maintaining all the logic that is unrelated to MathType.

    • raw-loader

      This dependency is used by Webpack in order to transpile the source files down to a single, minified, cross-browser compatible JavaScript file. In particular, it is used to load SVG files for button icons that are used in the modal window that contains the MathType editor. Unfortunately, for these resources to be loaded properly, the raw-loader must be applied in the webpack.config.js file. See a working example of such file in this folder.

      Note: As a consequence of this dependency, if you want to integrate mathtype-html-integration-devkit in your own project, you will have to apply raw-loader to the MathType source files in your own webpack.config.js.

    • DOMPurify

      Used to sanitize HTML and prevents XSS attacks. When HTML code is sent by the user, DOMPurify receive the input and delete the malicious code.

    Generate the package documentation site

    This project uses jsdoc to build an HTML documentation site of this package and its API.

    The jsdoc theme for this site is mathtype-integration-jsdoc-theme.

    How to generate the documentation site

    Run these commands:

    $ npm install
    $ npm run build-jsdoc

    The source code of the documentation site is generated on the /out folder.

    Privacy policy

    The MathType Privacy Policy covers the data processing operations for the MathType users. It is an addendum of the company's general Privacy Policy and the general Privacy Policy still applies to MathType users.


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