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    Simple Bar Chart

    A React component library that lets you easily insert bar charts into your web app just by passing in a handful of parameters


    npm install @willjw3/simple-bar-chart

    This library uses styled components. If you use the @willjw3/simple-bar-chart library in a Gatsby site, you'll need to add the plugin called gatsby-plugin-styled-components

    Example Usage There are four chart components available for use:

    • BarChart is the most basic component. It displays a simple bar chart with n bars, spaced apart by a user-chosen interval.
    • BarChartNeg also displays a simple bar chart with n bars spaced apart evenly, but negative values are also allowed.
    • BarChartLinear displays a simple bar chart with bars displayed across a continuous interval.
    • BarChartLinearNeg displays a simple bar chart with bars displayed across a continuous interval, and allows negative values.
    1. Import the desired component
    import { BarChartLinear } from "@willjw3/simple-bar-chart"
    1. Pass setting parameters as props
            top: 90,
            bottom: 60,
            right: 60,
            left: 60
        horizontalText={{text: "Year (Starting from 1895)", color: "lightblue", space: 20, fromLeft: 300}}
        verticalText={{text: "Average Temperature", color: "lightblue", space: 15, fromTop: -350}}
        setMin={[false, 0]}
        title={{text: globaldata.description.title + " in " + globaldata.description.units, color: "lightblue", fromLeft: 150}}
        tooltip={{x: "Year", y: "Avg. Temperature", background: "lightsteelblue", color: "black", opacity: "0.7", width: "160px", height: "30px", xshift: 18, yshift: 44}}
    1. Wrap chart components in a div for controlling size, placement, etc... Widths and heights aren't automatically adjusted based on screen size, so you'll have to use this div for resizing.

    Passed props in the above example:

    • horizontal - array of values defining the horizontal displacement from the y-axis of each bar.
    • vertical - array of values defining the height of each bar with its base on the x-axis. In this example, years and temps would be arrays created from data brought into the app from an external api. It's up to you to get the data into these arrays.
    • margin - space between the edge of the canvas (chart background) and the content of the chart, including labels.
    • width and height are for the chart canvas.
    • barColor - color of bars in the chart.
    • barBorder - outline color of bars. Set to 'transparent' for no outline.
    • spaceBetween - sets the amount of space between bars for barChart and barChartNeg charts. Ranges from 0 to 1 with 0 being no space and 1 being the maximum space.
    • horizontalText is for the x-axis label and
    • verticalText is for the y-axis label. The space property affects the movement of the text in a direction perpendicular to its associated axis. fromLeft moves the text horizontally (parallel to the x-axis) and fromTop moves the text vertically (parallel to the y-axis)
    • setMin - for setting whether the minimum value on the y-axis corresponds to the value of the minimum data point or a value which the user chooses. To use the value corresponding to the minimum data point value, use setMin={[false, 0]}. To use a custom value, use setMin={[true: <your custom value>]}
    • title - the title of your chart. In this example, title.text takes values from a json object that contains the data used.
    • chartBackground is the color of the chart's background.
    • tooltip - displays data corresponding to a given bar when hovering over it. x is the horizontal axis label, y is the vertical axis label, xshift and yshift control the distance of the tooltip display from its corresponding bar in the horizontal and vertical directions, respectively.


    • to address any problems with the library, or to suggest any improvements, follow this link and post an issue.
    • to fix any code issues or fix/improve the documentation here, submit your changes in the form of a pull request by following this link.

    Author: @willjw3


    npm i @willjw3/simple-bar-chart

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