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X.500 in TypeScript

TypeScript implementation of the ASN.1 data structures and PDUs defined in the X.500 series of recommendations published by the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU).

This library only implements the ASN.1 data structures and PDUs defined in these specifications, as well as subset of the business logic, such as:

  • Matching Rules
  • Context Matching
  • Stringifying
  • Comparison
  • Filter evaluation

The protocols whose PDUs and data structures are implemented in this library are (inclusively):

  • Directory Access Protocol (DAP) - Which is used for reading X.500 directories.
  • Directory Information Shadowing Protocol (DISP) - Which is used for replicating X.500 directories.
  • Directory System Protocol (DSP) - Which is used for X.500 directories to read other X.500 directories.
  • Directory Operational Binding Management Protocol (DOP) - Which manages rules for how X.500 directories interact.
  • Certificate Authority Subscription Protocol (CASP)
  • Authorization Validation Management Protocol (AVMP)
  • Trust Broker Protocol (TBP)


These libraries were generated entirely or in part by the ASN.1 Compilation Service offered by Wildboar Software. The ASN.1 compiler itself is closed-source and proprietary, but some of the libraries produced with it are released publicly under the MIT license.

If you would like to see additional ASN.1 libraries in TypeScript or other programming languages, or if you have any other questions, please contact us at contact@wildboarsoftware.com.

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