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    Prettier Config of Wgoo

    A Prettier shareable config for projects using Prettier and JavaScript Standard Style as ESLint rules or separate processes.


    npm install --save-dev @wgoo/prettier-config

    This is only a shareable configuration. It does not install Prettier, Standard, ESLint, or any other part of the tool chain.


    Reference it in package.json using the prettier property:

      "name": "my-projects-name",
      "prettier": "@wgoo/prettier-config",
      "devDependencies" : {
        "@wgoo/prettier-config": "^1.0.0"

    If you don't want to use package.json, you can use any of the supported extensions to export a string:

    // `.prettierrc.json`
    // `prettier.config.js` or `.prettierrc.js`
    module.exports = '@wgoo/prettier-config'

    Extending Shared Configurations

    This configuration is not intended to be changed, but if you have a setup where modification is required, it is possible. Prettier does not offer an "extends" mechanism as you might be familiar from tools such as ESLint.

    To extend a configuration you will need to:

    1. Import/Require this sharable config from within your own configuration. This means you must be using a JavaScript version of a Prettier configuration file.
    2. Extend your modification on top of the shared config using something like Object destructuring, Object.assign(), or lodash.merge()
    3. Export the modified configuration

    Prettier uses cosmiconfig for configuration file support. This means you can configure prettier via:

    • A .prettierrc file, written in YAML or JSON, with optional extensions: .yaml/.yml/.json.
    • A .prettierrc.toml file, written in TOML (the .toml extension is required).
    • A prettier.config.js or .prettierrc.js file that exports an object.
    • A "prettier" key in your package.json file.


    Sharing configurations

    Note: This method does not offer a way to extend the configuration to overwrite some properties from the shared configuration. If you need to do that, import the file in a .prettierrc.js file and export the modifications, e.g:

    module.exports = {
      semi: false

    For example, if you need to change it so that semicolons are required:

    // `prettier.config.js` or `.prettierrc.js`
    const prettierConfigStandard = require('@wgoo/prettier-config')
    const merge = require('lodash.merge')
    const modifiedConfig = merge(
        semi: true,
        // ... other modified settings here
    module.exports = modifiedConfig


    npm i @wgoo/prettier-config

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