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Cordova Plugin for showing a native date, time or datetime picker.


cordova plugin add skwas-cordova-plugin-datetimepicker

or for latest

cordova plugin add https://github.com/skwasjer/skwas-cordova-plugin-datetimepicker.git

Supported platforms

  • Android 4.4 and higher
  • iOS 9 and higher



Show the plugin with specified options.

show(options, successCallback, errorCallback)
Show the plugin with specified options and callbacks.

This was the original way to call the plugin, and is kept for compatibility.

Note: The successCallback and errorCallback respectively will be ignored if the success or error callback is provided on the options argument.


Name Type Default Android iOS
mode String date date, time, datetime date, time, datetime The display mode
date Date required required The initial date to display
allowOldDates boolean true Supported Supported Allow older dates to be selected
allowFutureDates boolean true Supported Supported Allow future dates to be selected
minDate Date Supported Supported Set the minimum date that can be selected
maxDate Date Supported Supported Set the maximum date that can be selected
minuteInterval int 1 >= Honeycomb Supported For minute spinner the number of minutes per step
locale String (user default) - Supported The locale to use for text and date/time
okText String (os default) Supported Supported The text to use for the ok button
cancelText String (os default) Supported Supported The text to use for the cancel button
clearText String Supported Supported The text to use for the clear button
titleText String Depends on theme Supported The text to use for the dialog title
success Function(date) - Supported Supported The success callback
cancel Function() - Supported Supported The cancel callback
error Function(err) - Supported Supported The error callback
android Object {} optional ignored Android specific options

When providing the clearText property, an extra button is shown with intent to clear the current date. When the user taps this button, the success callback will be called with an undefined date. From a UI perspective, this button should be hidden by application code when no date is currently set by omitting the property, but this is up to you.

Android options

Name Type Default Description
theme int Theme_DeviceDefault_Dialog android.R.style theme
is24HourView boolean true Use a 24 hour clock

On Lollipop and upwards the date and time pickers changed to calendar and radial pickers. If you want to use spinners (for example to use minuteInterval), use a built-in android.R.style theme that shows a date and time picker with spinners or read up here how to customize this.


document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);
function onDeviceReady() {

    var myDate = new Date(); // From model.

        mode: "date",
        date: myDate,
        success: function(newDate) {
            // Handle new date.
            myDate = newDate;


Hide the date time picker.

If the picker is currently being shown and a cancel-callback was provided in the options, the callback will be called when the picker is hidden.




For a list of all changes see here.

Build requirements

  • Cordova 7 and higher
  • Xcode 11 and higher (iOS)


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