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Treat local, FTP and SFTP files the same way. 100% Node.js, no other software needed. Under the hood, this library uses the popular ssh2-sftp-client and ftp packages.



npm i --save @wertarbyte/local-ftp-sftp


Class hierarchy

interface FileSystem
  ├── class LocalFileSystem
  ├── class FtpFileSystem
  └── class SftpFileSystem

interface FileInfo
  ├── class LocalFileInfo
  ├── class FtpFileInfo
  └── class SftpFileInfo

Instantiate a FileSystem

const localFileSystem = new LocalFileSystem();
const ftpFileSystem = await FtpFileSystem.create({
  host: '',
  port: 21,
  user: 'user1',
  password: '12345',
  connectionOptions: {}, // optional, see below
const sftpFileSystem = await SftpFileSystem.create({
  host: '',
  port: 22,
  user: 'user1',
  password: '12345', // optional if you configure private key authentication using the connection options
  connectionOptions: {}, // optional, see below

The connectionOptions option is optional and is passed through to the connect methods of the underlying ftp or ssh2-sftp-client instance. You can use this for advanced configuration, e.g. FTPS settings or private key authentication for SFTP.



interface FileSystem {
  list(path: string): Promise<FileInfo[]>;
  put(src: NodeJS.ReadableStream, toPath: string): Promise<void>;
  get(path: string): Promise<Buffer>;
  getStream(path: string): Promise<NodeJS.ReadableStream>;
  mkdir(path: string, recursive: boolean): Promise<void>;
  rmdir(path: string, recursive: boolean): Promise<void>;
  delete(path: string): Promise<void>;
  rename(oldPath: string, newPath: string): Promise<void>;
  exists(path: string): Promise<FileType | false>;
  close(): Promise<void>;


interface FileInfo {
  readonly name: string;
  readonly size: number;
  readonly type: FileType;
  readonly isDirectory: boolean;


// constants for all examples
const host = '';
const port = 21; // or 22 for SFTP
const user = 'root';
const password = 'password';

Listing items inside a directory

using Promise/then/catch

// You could just replace FtpFileSystem with SftpFileSystem for SFTP instead of FTP
FtpFileSystem.create({ host, port, user, password })
  // Or: SftpFileSystem.create({ host, port, user, password })
  .then((ftpFileSystem) => {
    // List remote files
      .then((files) => {
        console.log('Files:', files);
      .catch((err) => {
        console.log('Could not retrieve directory /home', err);
  .catch((err) => {
    console.log('Error while connecting to FTP server:', err);

Upload file from local file system

using Promise/then/catch

var localFileSystem = new LocalFileSystem();

SftpFileSystem.create({ host, port, user, password })
  // Or: FtpFileSystem.create({ host, port, user, password })
  .then((sftpFileSystem) => {
    // Get the local file as a stream
    localFileSystem.get('/Users/dennis/catpic.jpeg').then((readStream) => {
      // Now, upload the file to the SFTP server
      sftpFileSystem.put('/home/uploaded_catpic.jpeg', readStream).then(() => {
        console.log('Important file was uploaded successfully, meow!');
  .catch((err) => {
    console.log('Error while uploading file:', err);

Transfer file from FTP server to another SFTP server

using await

const ftpFileSystem = await FtpFileSystem.create({ host, port, user, password });
const sftpFileSystem = await SftpFileSystem.create({ hort, port, user, password });

const readStream = await ftpFileSystem.get('/home/catpic.jpeg');
await sftpFileSystem.put(readStream, '/var/catpic.jpeg');

Create and delete directory

using await

const ftpFileSystem = await FtpFileSystem.create({ host, port, user, password });

// Create the directory
await ftpFileSystem.mkdir('/home/catpics');

// Create directory and sub-directories (recursively: true)
await ftpFileSystem.mkdir('/home/even/more/catpics', true);

// Delete the newly created directory (Only works on empty directories)
await ftpFileSystem.rmdir('/home/catpics');

// Delete directory with content (recursively: true)
await ftpFileSystem.rmdir('/home/even/more/catpics', true);

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