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A front matter parsing plugin for the weh static site generator

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  • Extract YAML metadata (Front Matter) from text files within the weh files array
  • Custom filter functions to include or exclude files from transforms


npm install --save @weh/matter

Usage example

const weh = require('@weh/weh')
const matter = require('@weh/matter')
// enter our main function:
// the main function should be an async function so that
// it automatically returns a promise
weh(async site => {
  // we register our plugin...
  // ...and initiate the build process
  return site

Filter example

You can pass a custom filter as an option to matter to include or exclude files.

A filter is a function that takes the arguments file, options, and files. file is the current file, options is the options object passed to matter, and files is the entire array of files created by weh.

When the filter function returns true, matter applies its transforms to the current file object. Otherwise the file object remains unchanged.

The default filter in matter always returns true, so the transform will be applied to every file:

function filter (file, options, files) {
  return true

This is how you could use a filter to only apply matter to files ending with .md:

const weh = require('@weh/weh')
const matter = require('@weh/matter')
// custom filter function
// returns true if file path ends with '.md'
function myCustomFilter (file, options, files) {
  return file.path.endsWith('.md')
weh(async site => {
  // we register the matter plugin with our custom filter function...
  site.use(matter, {filter: myCustomFilter})
  // ...and initiate the build process
  return site

Options Example

matter uses [gray-matter]( for parsing metadata. All options of gray-matter are also available in matter.

This is what a plugin call with custom options would look like:

const weh = require('@weh/weh')
const matter = require('@weh/matter')
// we define our options object...
const myMatterOptions = {
  delims: '~~~'
weh(async site => {
  // ...and pass it to the use method
  site.use(matter, myMatterOptions)
  return site

How does it work?

matter extracts any Front Matter from the contents property of a file object and writes it to its metadata property.

Given the following text file:

title: Greeting
Hello World

The resulting weh file object would be:

contents: 'Hello World',
metadata: {
  title: 'Greeting'


Code of Conduct

This repository operates under the weallbehave Code of Conduct. Its contents can be found in


MIT (see LICENSE document)


npm i @weh/matter

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