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npx @wedgekit/scripts <command>


Application vs Package Development

@wedgekit/scripts can be used to develop both A2W applications and Wedgekit packages (libraries). The following commands are valid for both application and package development; they will have different effects depending on the type of development.

The default type of development is application development. To indicate you are using a package, use the -p or --package flag with any of the following commands. Alternatively, use the -s or --script flag with any of the following commands to indicate you are using a node script.


Tip: Typing -h after either the application name or any of the commands will pull up a help menu*.


$ npx @wedgekit/scripts create <name> / $ wedgekit create <name>

Creates a new web application

Note: Currently create is only configured for web applications. Package creation is coming someday*.

Subcommand Required Description
name The web application name; a directory will be created with this name
Option Flag(s) App/Package/Script Example Description
directory -d --dir A/P/S $ wedgekit create example-app -d test Defines the location of the application if different from <name>/
description --desc A/P/S $ wedgekit create example-app --desc "My App" Adds a description of the application/package
template --template A $ wedgekit create example-app --template force Makes the created application with the specified template possible options are force and basic


$ npx @wedgekit/scripts build / $ wedgekit build

Build the src directory. Expects an src/index.ts entry file.

Option Flag(s) App/Package/Script Example Description
clean -c --clean P/S $ wedgekit build -c Removes the dist/ directory before building package
dev -d --dev P/S $ wedgekit build -d Builds with dev options set to true; used for local development
types-only -t --types-only P $ wedgekit build -t Only builds type declaration files; used for type-only packages
unbundled -u --unbundled P $ wedgekit build -u Distributes the unbundled files in addition to the ESM and CJS bundles
watch -w --watch P/S $ wedgekit build -w Watches source files for changes that would invalidate the build and rebuilds


$ npx @wedgekit/scripts start / $ wedgekit start

Starts a dev server for local app development if in app mode. Expects an index.html in the current working directory. If in script mode, runs the script in src/index.ts using ts-node.

Note: start is only intended for use with web applications and scripts. Package developers should use wedgekit build -w instead.

Note: vite flags will be applied to wedgekit start. For a list type npx vite --h

Note: proxy flag is necessary to use samesite cookies locally

Option Flag(s) App/Package/Script Example Description
graphql proxy --graphql-proxy A $wedgekit start --graphql-proxy https://develop.agility.dmsi.io/graphql Uses the Vite proxy middleware to proxy to the desired graphql environment
rest proxy --rest-proxy A $wedgekit start --rest-proxy https://develop.agility.dmsi.io/rest Uses the Vite proxy middleware to proxy to the desired rest environment


someday - The long-promised day in which all prioritized features will be complete and developers can tackle long-delayed tech debt.

soon - As soon as all urgent work is complete, which is a state of existence which will surely be upon us any day now.




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