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    Player SDK for online torrent streaming on your site


    • Supports magnet-uri and external torrent-files
    • Supports video (avi, mkv, mp4, m4v) with subtitles (vtt, srt)
    • No additional plugins/extensions required

    Basic usage

        <video controls src="magnet:?xt=urn:btih:08ada5a7a6183aae1e09d831df6748d566095a10&dn=Sintel" width="100%" data-title="Sintel"></video>
        <script src="" charset="utf-8" async></script>

    with subtitle tracks and poster:

        <video controls src="magnet:?xt=urn:btih:08ada5a7a6183aae1e09d831df6748d566095a10&dn=Sintel" poster="" width="100%" data-title="Sintel">
            <track srclang="en" label="test" default src="">
        <script src="" charset="utf-8" async></script>

    Video element is replaced by wrapper div in this scenarios.

    Element attributes

    Attribute Description
    id ID of wrapper div
    class Class of wrapper div
    width Width of an iframe (might be any css width value: 800px, 100%, etc... 800px by default)
    height Height of an iframe (might be any css width value: 800px, 100%, etc... optional)
    src Magnet url or url to torrent file (required)
    poster Url to the poster image (optional)
    type Use application/x-bittorrent for torrent file url in case if it has no .torrent extension
    data-config Additional player configuration in JSON (see Player configuration)
    data-* Set specific configuration value for a key (see Player configuration)

    Advanced usage

        <div id="player" class="webtor" />
            window.webtor = window.webtor || [];
                id: 'player',
                magnet: 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:08ada5a7a6183aae1e09d831df6748d566095a10&dn=Sintel&',
                on: function(e) {
                    if ( == window.webtor.TORRENT_FETCHED) {
                        console.log('Torrent fetched!',;
                    if ( == window.webtor.TORRENT_ERROR) {
                        console.log('Torrent error!');
                poster: '',
                subtitles: [
                        srclang: 'en',
                        label: 'test',
                        src: '',
                        default: true,
                lang: 'en',
                i18n: {
                    en: {
                        common: {
                            "prepare to play": "Preparing Video Stream... Please Wait...",
                        stat: {
                            "seeding": "Seeding",
                            "waiting": "Client initialization",
                            "waiting for peers": "Waiting for peers",
                            "from": "from",
        <script src="" charset="utf-8" async></script>

    Here is live example

    Player configuration

    Attribute Description
    id Element id where player will be embedded
    magnet Magnet URI (torrentUrl ot magnet is required)
    width Width of an iframe (might be any css width value: 800px, 100%, etc... 800px by default)
    height Height of an iframe (might be any css width value: 800px, 100%, etc... optional)
    torrentUrl Url of the torrent-file (HTTP-server MUST include header "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" to allow torrent-file download on client-side)
    poster Url to the poster image (optional)
    on Callback-function to capture player events (optional)
    subtitles Array of subtitles (optional, see Subtitle configuration for more details)
    title Replaces original file name in a header with specific title (optional)
    imdbId Helps to find subtitles and additional metadata (example values 'tt0133093' or '0133093' or even '133093', optional)
    header Shows header with current progress and title (true/false, default: true)
    pwd Selected directory in torrent (optional)
    file Selected file in torrent (optional)
    lang Override language (optional)
    i18n Override i18n messages (optional)
    features enables or disables specific player features (optional)

    Subtitle configuration

    Attribute Description
    srclang Two-letter language code
    label Subtitle label
    src url to the subtitle src, could be vtt, srt and m3u8. It should be direct link to subtitle.
    default If true this track will be selected by default (true/false, optional)

    Player features

    Name Description
    controls enables all features by default
    title displays movie title
    p2pProgress displays p2p progress
    subtitles enables subtitles control
    captions enables showing captions for subtitles
    settings enables settings control (cog)
    fullscreen enables fullscreen control
    playpause enables plays/pause control
    currentTime displays current time
    timeline enables timeline control
    duration displays total duration
    volume enables volume control
    chromecast enables chromecast support
    browse enables file browser menu
    download enables download button

    Player events

    Event types:

    Name Description
    TORRENT_FETCHED Indicates that torrent has been fetched and also returns fetched torrent in data field
    TORRENT_ERROR Indicates if some error has occured during loading (timeout, wrong url, etc...)
    INITED Indicates if player can play content
    OPEN Indicates that specific file in torrent was opened
    PLAYER_STATUS Indicates current player status
    CURRNET_TIME Indicates current player time
    DURATION Indicates full content duration

    Every event has following fields:

    Name Description
    name Name of the event
    data Specific data for this event
    player Player representation that can be used after initialization to control playback

    Player methods:

    Name Description
    play starts playback (available only after first play-click in the player)
    pause pauses playback (available only after first play-click in the player)
    setPosition sets player position in seconds (available only after first play-click in the player)
    open opens another file in torrent, full file-path should be provided


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