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This repository stores Webscale's cloudedge-handlers node module. This module has two primary responsibilities:

  1. To wrap CloudEDGE handlers, implemented as node modules, with a generic Webscale interface.
  2. Provide a testing framework for handler developers to ensure their handlers adhere to the interface and operate within the constraints of the runtime environment of their cloud providers. These tests are located in the execution_testing directory.

Unit tests

The repository's unit tests can be run with npm test. They are located in the execution_context directories.

How to use the handler testing framework

It is strongly suggested to run the provided unit tests in provided in execution_testing while a handler is developed. To do so, use the run-execution-testing.js as part of your package's NPM configuration and build process.

Publishing a new version

Before publishing a new version of this package, run npm audit to list any known security vulnerabilities. If found, run npm audit fix to address them and commit the resulting package.json.lock file.

Merging pull requests into the main branch will automatically run the package's unit tests and publish to NPM. If any unit test fails, the build will fail. To prevent this, run npm test locally before making a pull request ready for review.

Lastly, the version in package.json must be incremented according to semantic versioning. If this step is skipped, NPM will not publish the package's code changes.

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