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Theme Redone Gutenberg WordPress Framework

TRB CLI (Theme Redone Blocks CLI)

TRB-CLI is a handy Node.js CLI that automates the process of managing blocks in a theme-redone WordPress theme framework.

Instead of manually creating new blocks, and copying and renaming files, you can do just that with a single simple command.


  • Install the trb-cli package globally via the npm install @webredone/trb-cli -g command.
  • Verify that the package was installed successfully by running the trb command; This command lists all the available trb-cli commands. If that’s the case, you are all set up.

Usage and Commands

To be able to use the TRB CLI you should be inside the root of the theme-redone theme from inside the terminal.

Commands will only run if the CLI detects that it’s called from the theme root which it verifies by the presence of the "name": "theme-redone" line inside the theme’s package.json.

Main Commands

  • trb add kebab-case-block-name - Creates a new block with the desired name (must be in kebab-case)
  • trb remove kebab-case-block-name - Removes the existing block
  • trb rename kebab-case-block-name-original kebab-case-block-name-renamed - Renames selected block
  • trb copy kebab-case-block-name-copy-from kebab-case-block-name-copy-to - Copies selected block into a new block with the desired name

Visit https://webredone.com/theme-redone/ to learn more.

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