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Typescript Type Definitions for WebGPU

This package defines Typescript types (.d.ts) for the upcoming WebGPU standard.

This package matches the work-in-progress WebGPU API, which is currently unstable!

Use this package to augment the ambient "dom" type definitions with the new definitions for WebGPU.

API style docs

This repo also generates typedoc docs here: https://gpuweb.github.io/types

What are declaration files?

See the TypeScript handbook.

How can I use them?


  • npm: npm install --save @webgpu/types
  • yarn: yarn add @webgpu/types


TypeScript tsc and tsc-based bundlers

In tsconfig.json:

  // ...
  "compilerOptions": {
    // ...
    "typeRoots": [ "./node_modules/@webgpu/types", "./node_modules/@types"]


In webpack.config.js add:

"types": ["@webgpu/types"]

(may not be necessary with tsc config above - untested)

Inline in TypeScript

/// <reference types="@webgpu/types" />


Please contribute a PR to add instructions for other setups or improve existing instructions. :)

How to update these types

  • Make sure the submodule is checked out: git submodule update --init
  • Pull gpuweb changes: pushd gpuweb && git checkout main && git pull && popd
  • Install dependencies: npm ci
  • Generate generated/index.d.ts: npm run generate
  • Open a diff between generated/index.d.ts and dist/index.d.ts. The generated file is tracked by Git so you can see what has changed. Update the latter according to changes from the former. Note the generated/ and dist/ files are not the same. See below for intentional differences.
  • Format the result: npm run format

Intentional differences between generator output and final result

Most or all of these should be fixed in the generator over time.

  • Array changed to Iterable for WebIDL sequences in argument positions.
  • any changed to object for WebIDL object.
  • | SharedArrayBuffer added for [AllowShared] BufferSource.

The following differences are TODO: should be changed in the final result.

  • Deprecated items should be removed.

The following differences will remain.

  • onuncapturederror strongly typed.
  • getContext definitions.
  • GPUExtent3DStrict and GPUOrigin2DStrict.

Publish a new npm package version

(only for people who have npm publish access)

  • One line cmd to copy-n-paste (for ssh git user, and you'd better know what you are doing, if it failed at certain steps, you might need to clean up git tags before trying again)
    • git checkout main && git pull git@github.com:gpuweb/types.git main && git submodule update --init && npm version patch && git push git@github.com:gpuweb/types.git main --tags && npm publish
  • Separate steps (better for publishing for the first time)
    • Make sure you are in the upstream repo, not your forked one. And make sure you are synced to latest commit intended for publish
      • git checkout main
      • git pull https://github.com/gpuweb/types.git main
        • (If you are using HTTPS regularly. You can use remote names like origin, just make sure you are referring to the right repo)
      • git submodule update --init
    • Create the version tag and commit, and push
      • npm version patch
      • git push https://github.com/gpuweb/types.git main --tags
    • publish the package
      • npm publish --otp=<code>
        • Replace <code> with the one-time password from your authenticator, since two-factors authentication is required to publish.
        • If you are doing for the first time, you will do npm adduser first and it will guide you through adding the npm account.




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