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Emscripten port of WebARKitLib to JavaScript. Modified and lighter version of JSARToolKit5.

Try the example !! www.webarkit.org/examples/artoolkitnft_es6_example


Markers Types

JSARToolKitNFT support only this type of markers:

  • NFT (natural feature tracking) markers ✅ 🎉 🎨
  • Multi NFT markers !!!


has WASM embedded in a single file!


❕From 0.8.0 version has ES6 feature 🎉 😻


❕From 0.9.0 version has Typescript feature 💖 💣


From 1.6.0 version has Pthread experimental feature 🎉 🎉 🎉

❕❕❕ ATTENTION: this feature is experimental and it is not well tested yet. It is not recommended to use it in production. You need to set up a server with COOP and COEP headers to use this feature. Read this Emscripten article

Using the library 💥

You can use raw.githack.com links:

WASM version of the library (deprecated it will be removed in a future release):

<script src="https://raw.githack.com/webarkit/jsartoolkitNFT/master/build/artoolkitNFT_wasm.js">

WASM version of the library as a Module:

<script src="https://raw.githack.com/webarkit/jsartoolkitNFT/master/build/artoolkitNFT_ES6_wasm.js">

WASM version of the library as a Module with new ES6 feature:

<script src="https://raw.githack.com/webarkit/jsartoolkitNFT/master/build/artoolkitNFT_embed_ES6_wasm.js">

NO WASM minified (deprecated it will be removed in a future release):

<script src="https://raw.githack.com/webarkit/jsartoolkitNFT/master/build/artoolkitNFT.min.js">

or (recommended) use the UMD library:

<script src="https://raw.githack.com/webarkit/jsartoolkitNFT/master/dist/ARToolkitNFT.js">

or you can install with npm and use as a module:

npm i @webarkit/jsartoolkit-nft


import { ARToolkitNFT, ARControllerNFT } from '@webarkit/jsartoolkit-nft'


You can download the build libs in the releases page. Starting from version 0.8.0 it is possible to download dist or build zip packages and from 0.9.6 version only single libs (no zipped).

or you can clone the repository with git, follow the instructions below:

Clone the repository 🌀

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Clone WebARKitLib project to get the latest source files. From within JSARToolKitNFT directory do git submodule update --init. If you already cloned WebARKitLib to a different directory you can:
  • create a link in the jsartoolkitNFT/emscripten/ directory that points to WebARKitLib (jsartoolkitNFT/emscripten/WebARKitLib) (Linux and macOS only)
  • or, set the WEBARKITLIB_ROOT environment variable to point to your WebARKitLib clone
  • or, change the tools/makem.js file to point to your WebARKitLib clone (line 32-33)


You can build the documentation of the library. You need node and npm installed and then run these commands in a console:

npm install
npm run docs

At this point you have build the docs in the docs/ folder, you should run a server and then go to docs/ folder.

Using with React

Try react-three-arnft a specific project that uses JsartoolkitNFT with React and Three.js.

ARnft library

JSARToolKitNFT is used by ARnft a small library that helps developers to create WebAR apps.

Project Structure 📂

  • build/ (compiled debug and minified versions of JSARToolKitNFT)
  • dist/ (compiled UMD lib with ES6 of JSARToolKitNFT)
  • emscripten/ (C/C++ source code for ARToolKitNFT)
  • examples/ (demos and examples using JSARToolKitNFT)
  • js/ (api and workers of JSARToolKitNFT.js for the standard api)
  • src/ (source code of ARToolKitNFT with Typescript)
  • tests/ (tests - WIP)
  • tools/ (build scripts for building JSARToolKitNFT with Emscripten)
  • types/ (type definitions of ARToolKitNFT)

WebAssembly 👋

JSARToolKitNFT supports WebAssembly. The library builds WebAssembly artifacts during the build process, WASM is embedded in a single file. This is build/artoolkitNFT_wasm.js. To use it, include the artoolkitNFT_wasm.js into your html page like this:

<script src="../build/artoolkitNFT_wasm.js"></script>

As loading the WebAssembly artifact is done asynchronously, there is a callback that is called when everything is ready.

window.addEventListener('artoolkitNFT-loaded', () => {
    //do artoolkit stuff here

See the examples folder for details.

Build the project 🔨

Go to the wiki for more infos. Note that you need to build the library only if you make changes to the source code.


The jsartoolkitNFT npm package is served until version 0.9.4 from @kalwalt/jsartoolkit-nft. By 0.9.5 version from @webarkit/jsartoolkit-nft.

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