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Web3Auth Torus Solana Wallet Adapter

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Web3Auth is where passwordless auth meets non-custodial key infrastructure for Web3 apps and wallets. By aggregating OAuth (Google, Twitter, Discord) logins, different wallets and innovative Multi Party Computation (MPC) - Web3Auth provides a seamless login experience to every user on your application.

Torus solana adapter allows allows your Web3Auth Instance to connect with torus wallet for solana blockchain.

📖 Documentation

Read more about the Web3Auth Torus Solana Wallet Adapter in the official Web3Auth Documentation.

💡 Features

  • Plug and Play, OAuth based Web3 Authentication Service
  • Fully decentralized, non-custodial key infrastructure
  • End to end Whitelabelable solution
  • Threshold Cryptography based Key Reconstruction
  • Multi Factor Authentication Setup & Recovery (Includes password, backup phrase, device factor editing/deletion etc)
  • Support for WebAuthn & Passwordless Login
  • Support for connecting to multiple wallets
  • DApp Active Session Management

...and a lot more

📄 Basic Details

🔗 Installation

npm install --save @web3auth/torus-solana-adapter

🩹 Example

import { SolanaWalletAdapter } from "@web3auth/torus-solana-adapter";
const solanaWalletAdapter = new SolanaWalletAdapter({
  adapterSettings: {
    modalZIndex: 99999,
  loginSettings: {
    loginProvider: "google",
  initParams: {
    buildEnv: "testing",
  chainConfig: {
    chainNamespace: CHAIN_NAMESPACES.SOLANA,
    rpcTarget: "https://api.testnet.solana.com",
    blockExplorer: "https://explorer.solana.com",
    chainId: "0x2",
    displayName: "testnet",
    ticker: "sol",
    tickerName: "solana",

// it will add/update  the torus-solana adapter in to web3auth class

Checkout the examples for your preferred blockchain and platform in our examples repository

🌐 Demo

Checkout the Web3Auth Demo to see how Web3Auth can be used in your application.

💬 Troubleshooting and Support

  • Have a look at our Community Portal to see if anyone has any questions or issues you might be having. Feel free to reate new topics and we'll help you out as soon as possible.
  • Checkout our Troubleshooting Documentation Page to know the common issues and solutions.
  • For Priority Support, please have a look at our Pricing Page for the plan that suits your needs.

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