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Utilities for Storybook.


Storybook addons are React components. The createAddon function returns a React component that wraps a custom element and passes on properties and events. This allows for creating addons with web components (and therefore LitElement).

The wrapper can forward specific events to your addon (web component) as they occur. Your addon can listen for these events. Some useful Storybook events are forwarded by default (specifically STORY_SPECIFIED, STORY_CHANGED, STORY_RENDERED). An options parameter can be passed to createAddon that contains additional events that you may need for your use case.

api and active are required props when rendering the React component.

// my-addon/manager.js

import React from 'react';
import { STORY_RENDERED } from '@storybook/core-events';
import { addons, types } from '@storybook/manager-api';
import { createAddon } from '@web/storybook-utils';

const { createElement } = React;

class MyAddonElement extends LitElement {
  constructor() {
    this.addEventListener(STORY_RENDERED, event => {
      // handle Storybook event
    this.addEventListener('my-addon:custom-event-name', event => {
      // handle my custom event

  render() {
    return html`
        <!-- my addon template -->

customElements.define('my-addon', MyAddonElement);

const MyAddonReactComponent = createAddon('my-addon', {
  events: ['my-addon:custom-event-name'],

addons.register('my-addon', api => {
  addons.add('my-addon/panel', {
    type: types.PANEL,
    title: 'My Addon',
    render: ({ active }) => createElement(MyAddonReactComponent, { api, active }),
// my-addon/decorator.js
import { addons } from '@storybook/preview-api';

// ...
addons.getChannel().emit('my-addon:custom-event-name', {});
// ...

Storybook expects only 1 addon to be in the DOM, which is the addon that is selected (active). This means addons can be continuously connected/disconnected when switching between addons and stories. This is important to understand to work effectively with LitElement lifecycle methods and events. Addons that rely on events that might occur when it is not active, should have their event listeners set up in the constructor. Event listeners set up in the connectedCallback should always also be disconnected.



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