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A simple library containing a collection of decorators and helpers for working with events inside web components. This library is expected to be used with TypeScript, make sure to set experimentalDecorators to true in tsconfig.json.


# npm
$: npm install @wcom/events

# yarn
$: yarn add @wcom/events

# pnpm
$: pnpm install @wcom/events



Dispatches a custom event from the given target. Mainly used to type the emitter returned from the @event decorator.

import { EventEmitter } from '@wcom/events';

const target = document.createElement('<div></div>');
const emitter = new EventEmitter<string>(target, 'myEvent', { bubbles: true });


A disposal bin used to add cleanup callbacks that can be called when required. Mostly used to add stop event listener callbacks returned from listenTo.

import { Disposal } from '@wcom/events';

const disposal = new Disposal();

function onClick() {
  // ...

function onResize() {
  // ...

// Add cleanup callbacks.
disposal.add(listenTo(window, 'click', onClick);
disposal.add(listenTo(window, 'resize', onResize);

// Empty the bin and flush callbacks.


Decorator that creates an EventEmitter on the given class property that will dispatch events from the host element. By default all events emitted bubble up the DOM tree and through the shadows into the light.

import { event } from '@wcom/events';

class MyComponent extends HTMLElement {
  // 1.
  @event() myEvent!: EventEmitter<string>;

  // 2.
    name: 'customEventName',
    bubbles: true,
    composed: true,
  }) anotherEvent!: EventEmitter<void>


Attaches an event listener to the host element or the given target. The event name can be inferred from the method name if it is named following JSX conventions such as onEventName, which will listen for eventName. The listener is automatically cleaned up when the element is disconnected from the DOM.

import { listen } from '@wcom/events';

class MyComponent extends HTMLElement {
  // 1.
  onSomeEvent() {
    // ...

  // 2. Target can be set to `document`, `window` or `undefined` which will default to host.
  @listen('click', { target: 'window' })
  onWindowClick() {
    // ...

  // 3. Event name is inferred here as `myEvent`.
  onMyEvent() {
    // ...


Listens to an event on the given target and returns a cleanup function to stop listening.

import { listenTo } from '@wcom/events';

function onResize() {
  // ...

// Options are listed with their default values.
const off = listenTo(window, 'resize', onResize, { 
  capture: false, 
  passive: false, 
  once: false,

// Stop listening.


npm i @wcom/events

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