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Cross-domain code generation framework for Rapid Application Development

Overwriting defaults

Overwrite WarpWorks Studio defaults with .warp-works-studiorc:

  "port": 3000

You can also overwrite WarpWorks Core default with .warp-works-corerc:

  "cartridgePath": "../warpjs",
  "outputPath": "../warpjs",
  "projectPath": "../w2projects"

This file will be read by the @quoin/node-rc library.


You can run in debug mode by defining:


Using inside of another project

npm install --save

In your application (server/app.js):

const warpJs = require('@warp-works/warpjs');
const warpStudio = require('@warp-works/studio');

const PATH_TO_ADMIN = '/admin';
    warpJs.middlewares.canAccessAsAdmin.bind(null, 'someUserProp'),
    // application

Implementations of session.middlewares.requiresUser and session.middlewares.unauthorized are left as an exercise.

function requiresUser(req, res, next) {
    req.someUserProp = { object };

function unauthorized(error, req, res, next) {
    // redirect because cannot access.

This implementation for authorization might need to be revised because it should not be limited to WarpWorks users, but should be linked to the hosting app users.

Refer to WarpJS for more details.