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    Decathlon Design System - Vitamin React components library

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    Install package

    After installing npm or yarn, you can install @vtmn/react with this command:

    # with npm
    npm i -S @vtmn/react
    # with yarn
    yarn add @vtmn/react

    Install fonts

    Roboto & Roboto Condensed fonts as described in Typography section will not be automatically loaded. Fortunately, there is a few easy ways to get started.

    Shown below is a sample link markup used to load from a CDN:


    You can also do it via CSS Import:

    @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Roboto:wght@400;700&family=Roboto+Condensed:ital,wght@0,400;0,700;1,700&display=swap');

    Otherwise, you can install them with typeface:

    # with npm
    npm i -S typeface-roboto typeface-roboto-condensed
    # with yarn
    yarn add typeface-roboto typeface-roboto-condensed

    Then, you can import them in your entry-point:

    import 'typeface-roboto';
    import 'typeface-roboto-condensed';


    Using a React component

    Once you have installed this package, you just have to import components you need in your React application!

    Here is an example of the integration of VtmnButton component:

    import { VtmnButton } from '@vtmn/react';
    const MyComponent = () => (
      <VtmnButton onClick={() => console.log('clicked')}>Click</VtmnButton>

    If you need to display icons, you will need to import @vtmn/icons icon font like this:

    import '@vtmn/icons/dist/vitamix/font/vitamix.css';

    Or you can also import it with a CDN like unpkg.com with this file.

    Overriding styles & behaviors

    This library is made to give you a standard. However, it is quite possible to modify components by passing them new props & styles.

    To do this, there are a multitude of solutions.


    To know all the use cases and their associated code, check out the showcase here.


    If you want to know the different changes between versions of this package, look at the changelog here.

    I have an issue, what should I do?

    Please file the issue here.


    See the contributing docs.


    Apache-2.0 © Decathlon


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