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    This module can consume a VS Code color theme JSON file and output a complete list off all VS Code colors, with defaults and overrides filled in.


    Here's how you might load a VS Code theme in order to make the current document fully capable of styling code made to run in a VS Code webview:

    import { ColorTheme, getWebviewProperties } from '@vscode/theme-color-consumer';
    const myThemeJson = '';
    // Use .load() to load the json, passing in a fetcher function. Returns all
    // themes defined in the package.json.
    const themes = ColorTheme.load(myThemeJson, async url => {
      const res = fetch(url);
      return res.text();
    // Get the webview colors. Information about the font to use is not included
    // in themes and should be passed here as well:
    const webviewProps = getWebviewProperties(themes[0], myFontData);
    // This returns the 'style' property, as well as a class and data which should
    // be applied to the body: =;
    Object.assign(document.body.dataset, webviewProps.dataset);

    You can also get individual colors from themes in a strongly-typed wau, for example: = themes[0].getColor('editor.foreground').toString();



    1. Clone VS Code somewhere (by default, in a vscode folder beside this repo)
    2. Set up VS Code, see its contributing guide
    3. Clone this repo, and run yarn to install dependencies.
    4. Run yarn extract [../path/to/vscode] to create a mapping.js file


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