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    This library requires React v16.6 or later. If you need support for earlier versions of React, you should check out react-google-maps

    This is complete re-write of the (sadly unmaintained) react-google-maps library. We thank tomchentw for his great work that made possible.

    @react-google-maps/api provides very simple bindings to the google maps api and lets you use it in your app as React components.

    Here are the main additions to react-google-maps that were the motivation behind this re-write

    Install @react-google-maps/api

    npm i -S @react-google-maps/api

    Main features

    • Simplified API
    • Uses the new Context API
    • Supports async React (StrictMode complient)
    • Removes lodash dependency => smaller bundle size 12.4kb gzip, tree-shakeable https://bundlephobia.com/result?p=@react-google-maps/api@1.0.0
    • forbids loading of Roboto fonts, if you set property preventGoogleFonts on <LoadScript preventGoogleFonts /> component


    Examples can be found in two places:

    1. Official docs (powered by docz). See the docs folder
    2. A Gatsby app including some examples. See the examples folder
    3. Gatsby.js Demo


    You can save on bundle size if you import only components, which you use from @react-google-maps/api/lib/..., although whole library is tree-shakable.

    Using the examples requires you to generate a google maps api key. For instructions on how to do that please see the following guide


    Maintainers and contributors are very welcome! See this issue to get started.

    Migration from react-google-maps@9.4.5

    if you need an access to map object, instead of ref prop, you need to use onLoad callback on <GoogleMap /> component.


    // before
      ref={map => {
        const bounds = new window.google.maps.LatLngBounds();


      onLoad={map => {
        const bounds = new window.google.maps.LatLngBounds();


    npm i @vovkasm/react-google-maps

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