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    Vivliostyle Viewer

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    Vivliostyle Viewer is a Web application for HTML+CSS typesetting and rich paged viewing with EPUB/Web publications support.

    How to use

    To use the distribution package vivliostyle-viewer-*.zip

    1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
    2. Open a terminal (or Windows command prompt)
    3. Run the start-webserver or start-viewer script (or Windows batch) file located in the unzipped directory. For example:
    $ ./vivliostyle-viewer-latest/start-webserver

    or in Windows command prompt,

    > vivliostyle-viewer-latest\start-webserver

    If a message,

    Please install Node.js or Ruby or Python and rerun this script, or use your favorite HTTP server.

    is shown, install either of them (recommend Node.js and rerun the script, or use your favorite web server.

    The start-webserver script starts a local web server and opens the default browser. The current directory is used as the root of the web server. Run start-webserver --help to see the usage help.

    The start-viewer script starts a local web server (calls start-webserver) and opens Vivliostyle Viewer (located in ./viewer/) in browser. Run start-viewer --help to see the usage help.

    To use the npm package @vivliostyle/viewer

    npm install @vivliostyle/viewer

    Vivliostyle Viewer is located in ./node_modules/@vivliostyle/viewer/lib/, so you need to start a web server and open this location in the browser to start the Vivliostyle Viewer.


    See online Vivliostyle Documents for the latest documents, or open ./docs/ in the distribution package using local web server.

    Bug reports & feature requests

    Please send them to

    Source code


    Licensed under AGPL Version 3.



    npm i @vivliostyle/viewer

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