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Visual Framework 2.0 component library

The homepage, welcome and onboarding site for the Visual Framework 2.0 and its components.

What's the Visual Framework?

Head to the webpage!

Local development

You'll need to install npm and then:

  1. If you don't have yarn, install it
  2. Install all the things
    • yarn install
  3. Generate the site in /build
    • gulp dev renders and serves
    • gulp build build static assets

Adding Visual Framework components

To add a component, use the command line or install it manually.

By package

  • installation: yarn add @visual-framework/vf-logo
  • updating components: yarn upgrade-interactive --latest
    • alias: yarn run update-components

Manual installation for customisation

  1. Download a pattern
  2. Copy it to ./src/components/vf-component-name


  • Why yarn and not npm? For the particular structure of the Visual Framework components, Yarn is considerably faster at installing and does so more efficiently (about half the total file size). You'll also be able to use yarn upgrade-interactive --latest, which makes it easier to update VF components.


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