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Informs visitors about important changes or persistent conditions. Use this component if you need to communicate to visitors in a prominent way. Banners are placed at the top of the page or section they apply to, and below the page or section header.


  • General notice vf-banner vf-banner--notice
  • In development services vf-banner vf-banner--phase
  • Info vf-banner vf-banner--alert vf-banner--info This replaces vf-banner--phase
  • Success vf-banner vf-banner--alert vf-banner--success
  • Alert vf-banner vf-banner--alert vf-banner--alert
  • Warning vf-banner vf-banner--alert vf-banner--warning

note: The vf-banner--alert variants include the option to dismiss the banner. This is currently a 'bring your own JavaScript' button. To include a close button in the markup you need to make sure you have the variable banner__dismissable set to true:

banner__dismissable: true

JS Documentation for --modal variant

Like all JS-enabled components in the Visual Framework, if you wish to use the bundled JS, you need to include JS data attributes, here is an overview of what the options are for the vf-banner--modal variant.

  • Enable VF JS:
    • data-vf-js-banner
  • Banner type:
    • dismissible: standard messaging type
    • blocking: full screen
    • persistent: no close button
    • data-vf-js-banner-state="name_of_type"
  • ESC to close:
    • Only works with blocking banner state
    • data-vf-js-banner-esc-close="y"
  • Button text:
    • Optional, leaving off will not incekt a close button
    • data-vf-js-banner-button-text="Accept and close"
  • Button theme:
    • Optional, leaving off will default to the secondary theme.
    • primary, secondary, tertiary themes are available
    • data-vf-js-banner-button-theme="primary"
  • Cookies:
    • Both are optional, leaving either off will deactivate cookie storage
    • data-vf-js-banner-cookie-name="myServiceName"
    • data-vf-js-banner-cookie-version="0.1" Incrementing this string will invalidate old cookies.
  • Extra buttons:
    • data-vf-js-banner-extra-button="<a href='#'>Optional button</a><a target='_blank' href='#'>New tab button</a>"> This HTML string will be converted into VF markup for extra buttons. Optional.
  • Message:
    • data-vf-js-banner-modal-text: the .innerHTML of this element will be used as the markup for the message itself


As of version 2.0.0-alpha.0 vf-banner has experimental Angular support. This package was generated with Angular version 15.2.0 and has been tested on application with Angular version 15.2.0.

  1. Install yarn add @visual-framework/vf-banner

  2. Import in your app.module

    import { VfBannerAngularModule } from '@visual-framework/vf-banner/vf-banner.angular';
      imports: [VfBannerAngularModule, YourOtherModules],
  3. Can be used as

    <vf-banner [banner__variant]="'banner__info'" [banner__dismissible]="true" [banner__message]="'Here is some very, <em>very</em> <a class=\'vf-banner__link\' href=\'#\' onclick=\'return false;\'>important information</a>'"></vf-banner>

    Possible combinations

    Variable Options Default Release Applicable to banner types
    banner__message 'basic'
    banner__type 'basic' current all types
    'inline' current
    'fixed' current
    'top' current
    banner__variant 'banner__info' 'basic'
    banner__dismissible true, false false 'basic'
    banner__inline_href 'inline', 'top'
    banner__text 'fixed'
    data_service_id 'fixed'
    data_protection_version 'fixed'
  4. CSS to be added to your styles.scss

    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-sass-config/index.scss';

    as per your banner of choice add all or some to your styles.scss

    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-banner/vf-banner.scss';
    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-banner/vf-banner--phase.scss';
    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-banner/vf-banner--alerts.scss';
    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-banner/vf-banner--fixed.scss';
    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-banner/vf-banner--gdpr.scss';

    for the 'fixed' and 'top' banner type additionally add below to styles.scss

    @import "../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-badge/vf-badge.scss";
    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-button/vf-button.scss';
    @import '../node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-grid/vf-grid.scss';

    you should also install vf-sass-starter for the styles

  5. Important note on 'fixed' and 'top' variants for Angular:

    For the 'fixed' and 'top' variant to work properly in Angular we need to make sure we follow the below additional steps

    1. Copy the vf-banner.js (from Assets section below) to your src/assets/vf-banner folder.
    2. Comment or remove the last line "export { vfBanner };" in this copied file.
    3. In the angular.json inside "scripts": [] add the above file reference like - "scripts": [ "src/assets/vf-banner/vf-banner.js" ]
    4. Rerun the project if already running.


<vf-banner [banner__variant]="'banner__info'" [banner__dismissible]="true" [banner__message]="'Here is some very, <em>very</em> <a class=\'vf-banner__link\' href=\'#\' onclick=\'return false;\'>important information</a>'"></vf-banner>


This repository is distributed with npm. After installing npm, you can install primer-buttons with this command.

$ yarn add --dev @visual-framework/vf-banner


The style files included are written in Sass. If you're using a VF-core project, you can import it like this:

@import "@visual-framework/vf-banner/index.scss";

Make sure you import Sass requirements along with the modules. You can use a project boilerplate or the vf-sass-starter




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