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Google Analytics Enhancements component

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Supplementary behaviour (primarily JavaScript) to ease tracking with Google Analytics.


User actions

This component tracks three types of user engagement as actions in Google Analytics:

  1. General clicks in the browser as "UI" category
  • standard elements like a button details
  • form elements like input select textarea label
  1. Downloads of files as "Downloads" zip|exe|pdf|doc*|xls*|ppt*|mp3|txt|fasta
  2. Emails links as "Email" mailto:
  3. External links as "External links"

Explicit labels can be provided with data attributes:

  • data-vf-analytics-label="A special label"

Meta tags

Track dimensions:

<meta name="vf:page-type" content="category;pageTypeHere">

How to add dimension to your property?

Page region tracking

You can track the region of the page where an event occurs:

<div data-vf-google-analytics-region="main-content-area-OR-SOME-OTHER-NAME">
  <a href="//www.example.com">My link here</a>


  • region names should not be repeated on the same page
  • nested regions are currently not fully supported

Verbose logging

<body data-vf-google-analytics-verbose="true">


You should import this component in ./components/vf-component-rollup/scripts.js or your other JS process:

import { vfGaIndicateLoaded } from 'vf-analytics-google/vf-analytics-google';
// Or import directly
// import { vfGaIndicateLoaded } from '../components/raw/vf-analytics-google/vf-analytics-google.js';

let vfGaTrackOptions = {
  vfGaTrackPageLoad: true,
  vfGaTrackNetwork: {
    serviceProvider: 'dimension2',
    networkDomain: 'dimension3',
    networkType: 'dimension4'

vfGaIndicateLoaded() is the primary function and awaits and checks to see if Google Analytics client side JS has loaded. If it does, sets <body data-vf-google-analytics-loaded='true'>


vfGaIndicateLoaded() accepts these options for object vfGaTrackOptions:

  • Do not track the page load: vfGaTrackOptions.vfGaTrackPageLoad (defaults to true).
    • If you set to false, the function will not track the initial page view. Useful if you track the initial page view with JavaScript in your HTML.
  • Track the users network: vfGaTrackOptions.vfGaTrackNetwork
    • As of February 2020 Google Analytics no longer tracks the network name of visitors
    • A 3rd party tool enables this, follow the setup guide at https://ipmeta.io/instructions
    • After configuring your property in Google Analytics, add the configuration below


Utility method to invalidate prior GA check <body data-vf-google-analytics-loaded='false'>


Can be used to directly track events if you wish to use your own event handler.

 * This code tracks the user's clicks in various parts of the site and logs them as GA events.
 * Dev note:
 * add class verbose-analytics to your body for a readout to console on clicks.
 * @param {element} actedOnItem
 * @param {string} customEventName Event action
 * @example
 * jQuery(".analytics-content-footer").on('mousedown', 'a, button', function(e) {
 *   vfGaTrackInteraction(e.target,'Content footer');
 * });
 * /


This repository is distributed with npm. After installing npm, you can install vf-analytics-google with this command.

$ yarn add --dev @visual-framework/vf-analytics-google


  • There is currently no Sass/css needed for this component.



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