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Sliding up panel npm

React Native draggable sliding up panel purly implemented in Javascript. Inspired by AndroidSlidingUpPanel. Works nicely on both iOS and Android.


npm install --save rn-sliding-up-panel

or if you are using yarn

yarn add rn-sliding-up-panel


import React from 'react';
import {View, Button, Text} from 'react-native';

import SlidingUpPanel from 'rn-sliding-up-panel';

const styles = {
  container: {
    flex: 1,
    backgroundColor: 'white',
    alignItems: 'center',
    justifyContent: 'center'

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  state = {
    visible: false

  render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
        <Button title='Show panel' onPress={() => this.setState({visible: true})} />
          onRequestClose={() => this.setState({visible: false})}>
          <View style={styles.container}>
            <Text>Here is the content inside panel</Text>
            <Button title='Hide' onPress={() => this.setState({visible: false})} />



Property Type Description
visible boolean Deterimines whether the panel is visible.
draggableRange {top: number, bottom: number} Boundary limits for draggable area. top default to visible height of device, bottom default to 0.
height number Height of panel. Default to visible height of device.
startCollapsed boolean Initially show the bottom peek header at the bottom instead of top.
onRequestClose Function Called when you touch the backdrop or slide down to hide the panel.
onDragStart (position: number) => void Called when the panel is about to start dragging.
onDrag (position: number) => void Called when the panel is dragging. Fires at most once per frame.
onDragEnd (position: number) => void Called when you release your finger.
showBackdrop boolean Controls the visibility of backdrop. Default true.
allowDragging boolean Default true. Setting this to false to disable dragging. Touching the backdrop triggers onRequestClose normally.
allowMomentum boolean If false, panel will not continue to move when you release your finger.
contentStyle ViewStyle The style of content inside panel. Deprecated. You should wrap your content inside a View.
children React.Element | Function Accepts passing a function as component. Invoked with dragHandlers (that can be passed into another View like this <View {...dragHandlers}>) when the panel is mounted. Useful when you want a part of your content that allows the user to slide the panel with.


  • All properties are optional.


transitionTo: (value: number | TimingAnimationConfig)

Programmatically move panel to a given value. Accepts a number or an object that may have the following options:

  • toValue: The value that the panel will move to.
  • duration: Length of animation (milliseconds). Default is 260.
  • easing: Easing function to define curve. Default is Easing.inOut(Easing.ease).
  • onAnimationEnd: A callback that will be called when the animation is done.



  • Add startCollapsed: Initially start the panel at bottom of draggable range.


  • Accept function as children. Allow a part of content becomes drag handlers.
  • Fix issue can not interact with components underlies the panel.

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