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    Video SDK React Native App

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    • Video API with real-time audio, video and data streams
    • 5,000+ participants support
    • Chat support with rich media.
    • Screen sharing with HD and Full HD.
    • Play realtime video in meeting
    • Connect it with social media such as Facebook, Youtube etc (RTMP out support).
    • Intelligent speaker switch
    • Record your meetings on cloud
    • Customise UI and built other rich features with our new data streams such as whiteboard, poll, Q & A etc.
    • Develop and launch in both Android and iOS at the same time.

    Device Support

    Visit our official guide for Device Support

    Demo App

    📲 Download the Sample iOS app here:

    📱 Download the Sample Android app here:


    You must have the following installed:

    • Node.js v12+
    • NPM v6+ (comes installed with newer Node versions)
    • Android Studio or Xcode installed

    Setup is react native library for real-time communication. It inherits the same concepts of

    Minimum OS/SDK versions supports the following OS/SDK versions.

    Android: minSdkVersion >= 21

    iOS: > 11

    Install the library in React Native

    The easiest way to get started is by installing in your app.

    From npm package:

    npm install

    From yarn package:

    yarn add

    Follow below link if you are setting up for specific plateform

    1. Android
    2. IOS


    Check the components and their usage in our documentation.

    Quick Start

    Check the Quick Start guide to our documentation.

    Try it out

    Run the Code sample to see it in action.


    npm i

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