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    VertiGIS Studio Reporting Client for JavaScript

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    This library makes it easy to run VertiGIS Studio Reporting or VertiGIS Studio Printing jobs in the browser.

    Browser Support

    The client supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.


    Installing the package

    This package is published to npm, and can be installed using npm:

    npm install @vertigis/reporting-client

    Generating a report

    The client exports a run async function that will return a URL to the report upon completion.

    import { run } from "@vertigis/reporting-client";
    const url = await run("itemId", options?);


    Option Type Description
    culture string The culture to use for localization. For example "en-US".
    dpi number The DPI to use when rendering a map print. Defaults to 96.
    parameters object An object specifying additional parameters to pass to the job.
    portalUrl string The URL of the ArcGIS Portal instance to use. Defaults to ArcGIS Online: "https://www.arcgis.com".
    resultFileName string The name assigned to the output file. It is used as the name of the tab when viewing the result in a browser and as the suggested name when downloading the result.
    token string The Portal access token to be used to access secured resources. If not provided requests to secured resources will fail.
    usePolling boolean When true, check for results by polling the service. When false, check for results using WebSockets. It is recommended to use WebSockets where possible. Defaults to false.


    Run a report from ArcGIS Online

    const url = await run("itemId");

    Run a report from ArcGIS Enterprise

    const url = await run("itemId", {
        portalUrl: "https://server.domain.com/portal",

    Run a report with parameters

    const url = await run("itemId", {
        parameters: {
            Title: "My Title",
            FeatureIds: [1, 2, 3],

    Note: the parameter keys must mach the names of parameters that exist in the report.

    Run a secured report, or a report that accesses secured ArcGIS content

    const url = await run("itemId", {
        token: "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1Ni...",


    Find further documentation on the SDK on the VertiGIS Studio Developer Center.




    npm i @vertigis/reporting-client

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