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    Snyk JSON to HTML Mapper

    The Snyk JSON to HTML Mapper takes the json outputted from snyk test --json and creates a local HTML file displaying the vulnerabilities discovered.

    How do I use it?

    Install or clone

    First, Install the Snyk JSON to HTML Mapper using npm:

    npm install snyk-to-html -g

    Alternatively, you can clone the repo and run the script locally using:

    npm install
    npm run build
    node ./dist/index.js


    Short Long Description
    -t --template Template location for generating the html. Defaults to template/test-report.hbs
    -i --input Input path from where to read the json. Defaults to stdin
    -o --output Output of the resulting HTML. Example: -o snyk.html. Defaults to stdout
    -s --summary Generates an HTML with only the summary, instead of the details report. Defaults to details vulnerability report
    -d --debug Runs the CLI in debug mode
    -a --actionable-remediation Display actionable remediation info if available

    When in doubt, use snyk-to-html --help or snyk-to-html -h.

    Generate the HTML report

    Change directory to your package's root folder, then use of the two ways below to generate the HTML report.

    1. Directly streaming the results to snyk-to-html:

      Run the following line to create a file called results.html:

      snyk test --json | snyk-to-html -o results.html

    2. Using a temporary file:

      Generate JSON data by running snyk test and save the output to a file

      snyk test --json > results.json

      Pass the resulting JSON file to Snyk's JSON to HTML Mapper

      snyk-to-html -i results.json -o results.html

      Note input files should be valid JSON and use UTF-8 encoding.

    3. If you want a simpler version of the report to be shown, you can pass -s or --summary to only display the summary of the report.

      snyk-to-html -i results.json -o results.html -s

    4. Show actionable remediation:

      To display the actions you can take to remedy vulnerabilities, pass -a or --actionable-remediation.

      snyk-to-html -i results.json -o results.html -a

      The report orders remediations (upgrades and patches) by the number and severity of vulnerabilities it fixes. Use this to guide when selecting the order to upgrade and patch packages.

      Note we currently support remediation advice with the following package managers:

      • npm
      • yarn
      • rubygems
      • maven
      • gradle
      • sbt
      • pip

    View the HTML report

    Simply open your new file (results.html above) in a browser, and rejoice.


    License: Apache License, Version 2.0




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