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The out of the box Connex implementation for browser.


Include in <script> tag

Just include the CDN link within a script tag. Connex will then be registered as a global variable.

<!-- install the latest v2 -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@vechain/connex@2" />


It's recommended for larger projects.

npm i @vechain/connex
import Connex from '@vechain/connex'

Get Started

Connex was composed with two parts, Connex.Thor and Connex.Vendor, the former is the blockchain access layer, the latter is the vendor(signer) specific layer.

Create Thor

Connects to mainnet.

const thor = new Connex.Thor({
    node: 'https://mainnet.veblocks.net/', // veblocks public node, use your own if needed
    network: 'main' // defaults to mainnet, so it can be omitted here

Connects to testnet.

const thor = new Connex.Thor({
    node: 'https://testnet.veblocks.net/',
    network: 'test'

Or connect to a private network

const thor = new Connex.Thor({
    node: '<the API url of your node>',
    // the genesis block of your private network
    network: {
        id: '0x...',

Create Vendor

Vendor module handles user's signing requests. It's designed to be pluggable, so you can use your own vendor module, or use the built-in vendor module. For example, 'Buy me a coffee' is a classic demo for a vendor only app.

 * @param network 'main' or 'test' or genesis ID if it's private network
 * @param signer 'sync2' or 'sync'(sync and vechainthor mobile wallet), 'sync2' will be used if omitted

// will throw error if signer is not supported.
const vendor = new Connex.Vendor('main' 'sync2') // create a sync2 vendor for mainnet
const vendor = new Connex.Vendor('test' 'sync')  // sync or vechainthor mobile wallet


Create Full Connex

const connex = new Connex({
    node: 'https://mainnet.veblocks.net/',
    network: 'main',
    signer: 'sync2'

// read best block
const best = await connex.thor.block().get()
// sign a transaction
const res = await connex.vendor.sign('tx', [{
    to: '0x...',
    value: 0x0,
    data: '0x...'
// composed by thor and vendor
const {thor, vendor} = connex

Note for Node.js

This package, @vechain/connex is designed only work in the browser, if you are interested in running it in Node.js, try @vechain/connex-framework.


This package is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0, also included in LICENSE file in the repository.

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