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    One of the most flexible and efficient Yeoman generator to build Frontend Web Apps, HTML5 web interfaces and Prototypes.

    1. You can use Grunt or Webpack as task runner/bundler/loader.
    2. You can create a static site with Mangony.
    3. You can create a React App with Redux, Redux-Observables, Router and more.
    4. You can build a technical HTML documentation.
    5. You can add Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon and Lost to your project.
    6. You can add the complete Veams stack to your project.
    7. You can enable hinting and linting.
    8. You have a mock API written in NodeJS in place.

    Usage with CLI

    To generate a new project just open your console, go to a specific project folder and type the following:

    veams new project

    That's it.

    Just answer the questions and generate your individual project.

    All dependencies and task files will be automagically downloaded and configured. You can start your project in your console via

    npm start

    When you have @veams/cli installed you can skip this section!

    Installation without CLI

    It is recommended to install @veams/cli.

    If you only want to install the generator, just install it via:

    npm install -g @veams/generator-veams

    Usage without CLI (not recommended)

    If you want to start the generator without @veams/cli you can do the following:

    yo veams


    npm i @veams/generator-veams


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