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SIWE middlewares for express applications


import express from 'express'
import Session from 'express-session'
import { loginHandler, authMiddleware, SiweError } from '@valora/express-siwe'

// initialize express app and include session and json body parser middlewares
const app = express()
    secret: 'secret',

// add login route
    sessionDurationMs: 3600000,
    validateNonce: async (nonce: string) => {
      /* validate nonce, ensure it isn't already used and return true / false */
    markNonceAsUsed: async (nonce: string, expirationTime: Date) => {
      /* save nonce to some store */
    chainId: 1,
    domain: 'foo.com',

// include auth middleware for secure routes
app.get('/some/secure/route', authMiddleware, (req, res) => {
  /* handle request */

// error handler
app.use((err, req, res, next) => {
  if (err instanceof SiweError) {
    /* handle siwe error and return appropriate error codes */
  /* handle other errors */


loginHandler(options: LoginOptions): express.Router

Creates an express router with a single post route / that handles a SIWE login request. The route expects a JSON body with shape:

  "message": "<the serialized SIWE message>",
  "signature": "<the SIWE signature>"

On a successful SIWE login, the route returns a 200 response with a session cookie. On any error, the route invokes the express next function with a SiweRequestError with appropriate SiweRequestErrorType.

Login Options:

  • validateNonce: (nonce: string) => Promise<boolean>, required
    • A function to validate whether the nonce is valid and not already used
  • markNonceAsUsed: (nonce: string, expirationTime: Date) => Promise<void>, required
    • A function to mark nonce as used. Could use some persistent store to save used nonces
  • sessionDurationMs: number, required
    • The duration to issue session's for. The expirationTime on the SIWE message must not be greater than the session duration.
  • chainId: number, optional
    • If set, compares the chainId on the SIWE message with this field and throws an error on mismatch
  • domain: string, optional
    • If set, compares the domain on the SIWE message with this field and throws an error on mismatch

authMiddleware(req: express.Request, res: express.Response, next: express.NextFunction): void

An express middleware that validates whether a SIWE session exists. Invokes next with no args if a valid session exists. Otherwise, invokes next with a SiweRequestError of type SiweRequestErrorType.UNAUTHORIZED.


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