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V4Fire storybook renderer

This renderer leverages global functions such as initApp and renderComponents, which are exposed by the @v4fire/client package.

The rendering functions are defined within the @v4fire/client package because it utilizes a singleton instance of the custom Vue app during component initialization. It is crucial that the same app instance is used throughout the rendering.

For developers

Building the package

  1. yarn install
  2. yarn build

Build troubleshooting

DTS build error

Currently, there is a strange bug in tsup, which occurs during the build of *.d.ts files. The type of createVNode in @v4fire/client is not resolved correctly:

DTS Build start
../../../node_modules/@v4fire/client/src/core/component/engines/vue3/render.ts(110,2): error TS4023: Exported variable 'createVNode' has or is using name 'ClassComponent' from external module "./node_modules/@vue/runtime-core/dist/runtime-core" but cannot be named.
../../../node_modules/@v4fire/client/src/core/component/engines/vue3/render.ts(110,2): error TS2527: The inferred type of 'createVNode' references an inaccessible 'unique symbol' type. A type annotation is necessary.

To fix this issue, edit line 110 in the node_modules/@v4fire/client/src/core/component/engines/vue3/render.ts:

export const
	createVNode = wrapCreateVNode(superCreateVNode),
	createElementVNode = wrapCreateElementVNode(superCreateElementVNode);


export const
	createVNode: any = wrapCreateVNode(superCreateVNode),
	createElementVNode = wrapCreateElementVNode(superCreateElementVNode);



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