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V4Fire Core Library

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This library provides a bunch of isomorphic modules and configurations to work as a foundation for another V4 libraries and contents many base classes and structures, such as queue, persistent key-value storage, subclasses to work with promises, etc.


Using as a node.js library

// Register Prelude in the top level of your project

const {watch} = require('@v4fire/core/lib/core/object/watch').default;

const {proxy} = watch({a: 1}, console.log);


Also, you can require modules by using import.

// Register Prelude in the top level of your project
import '@v4fire/core';

import watch from '@v4fire/core/lib/core/object/watch/index.js';

const {proxy} = watch({a: 1}, console.log);


Prepare to build and develop

At first, you should install dependencies using npm:

npm ci

After this you should compile a configuration for TypeScript:

npx gulp build:tsconfig

Configuration and building

All build config files are placed within the config folder. File names of config files are tied with a value of the NODE_ENV environment variable. Build scripts, such as Gulp or Webpack, are contained within the build folder.

To build your project, you should run the following script:

npm run build

Run tests

Before running tests, your project should be built. There are several scripts that run tests:

// runs tests that check typing
npm run test:typescript

// runs tests that check code quality
npm run test:eslint

// runs both previous tests
npm run test:linters

// runs unit tests
npm run test:jasmine

// runs all tests
npm test

Unit tests developing

During test development, it's convenient when the project is rebuilt automatically after changes in code. For this purpose, you can use the following script:

npm run dev

Then you can run tests that you are currently developing:

npx jasmine ./dist/server/path/to/*.spec.js



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